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About the study

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Variant names

Sawyers, Sawer.

Historically, Sagyere.

German equivalent, Sager.

Name origin

Sawyer is an occupational name.  Imagine 2 men with a very long saw, pushing and pulling.  One stood on top of a log and the other underneath sawing the log into boards.  Today "sawyer" may refer to a person working in a sawmill, or operating a chain saw cutting trees.

Wikipedia Sawyer_(Occupation)


Historical occurrences of the name

According to several web sites the first recorded use of the surname is Nicholas le Sagyere in about 1248. 

I was able to find him on page 80 in The Hidden Index of Hungerford Names posted at the Hungerford Virtual Museum.  There is also a Peter le Sagyere listed just below him, but I have not been able to figure out the reference (Monfort - Bec).  If anyone happens to know what that is, please educate me.

I also found Nicholas in Select Documents of the English Lands of the Abbey of Bec, by Marjorie Chinball, Camden, Third Series, Volume 73, 1951.  He is found on page 68 listed in Hungerford Custumals.  "Nicholaus le Sagyere tenet unum mesuagium pro 2s."  I think this means "held one dwelling for 2 schillings."  I assume 2 schillings annually?

Distribution of the name

Census data from and U.S. National Archives.



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