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About the study

About the SANNY -One-Name Study-

My study began because many people asked me, '€˜where is your name from'€™ and '€˜this is really a nice name'€™ and last not least: the nice song 'Sunny'.

When I started to research my fathers family history in Germany, I knew it is from Schleswig Holstein and Niedersachsen about 1720 (Hamburg area) and an old chronicle told us, the Sanny were displaced Huguenots. I began to collect all references to any variation that I found in Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Norway, Italy, and later USA to find the family and the origin of the name, not including Asia / China / Africa / Arab / South America, New Zealand and Australia.

I found pets with 'our' name: dogs, horses, birds, cats and others and also articles which were sold like bags, t-shirts, sanitary equipment, hygiene articles, parks, holiday travel offices and other companies. - It must be a nice name, because many people want to use it ;) -

Variant names

I have registered the surname Sanny and the variants Sanney, Sany, Sanni. However I am collecting the following variants as well Sannoy, Sann, Sanne, Sannes, Sannie, Sanuy, Sauny, Sannyere, Sannyn, Sannys, Sannyer, Sannye, Sannu, Sannem, Sammy, Sunny, Sonny, Senny, (Canny, Cenny, Zanny), Sannig, Sanning, Sanij, Sagnier, Sagnes, Sanniere a.o (sometimes aristocratic with de / du / le, mostly in F, B, UK).

Name origin

(D=GER=Germany, F, UK, NL, B, N, I, US, E)

The surname appears to have originated in different areas: GB/UK (1375-1900) : Finchley, Middlesex, London, Hertfordshire. France (1500 -2000): Rhone Alpes, Meurtte et Moselle, Loire, Atlantic, Paris and more. Belgium (1500-1900): Bruxelles, Halle - Flandern + Wallonie / Province Luxembourg and '€˜old German'€™ Elsass Lothringen. Germany (1550-2012): Niedersachsen, Celle, Hannover, Hamburg, Schleswig Holstein. Norway, Italy, Espania, Hungary and others, and USA (1860-2012): emigrants are from Germany, France, England to Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois a.o.

Different meanings: a) Alexander, Susanne, Sandra = nickname: Sanny. b) other historical pre-names patronymic originan. c) Sanny=sonny=sunny ~son of...or happy, lucky person='sun'. d) area in France, near Paris, area in south Italy, e) Sander working with sand or living in sandy area.... f) in France are salty areas so one who worked there -in earlier times-: Saulnier / Sagnier / Sannie / Sany... (Fleur de Sel de Camarque : Tresor des Sauniers, 'Salines').

Further infos, explanations are welcome !

History of the name

  1.  ....A.D. 1375. Court Roll of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's The history, topography, and antiquities of Highgate, in the county of Middlesex:....John Tromer 3, John Sanny T,d., William Bykemor yl., John Bykemor 3., John Hunt 3d., William Blakewelle 3., John Child 3., Ralph Fyncheslee ., Thomas Cok 2d., John Bakere 2d.,....
  2.  Syr Iamys Sannys (Churchwardens' accounts - 1492-3
  3.  Thomas Sanny / Sanney - last will 1506 Finchley/UK. (father ~Johen de Sanney ab.1430 Bybewell or Bibbesworth) written in nice 'old' english language.
  4.  Finchley Charities1488-1988 by Fred Davis (book)
  5. ..In contrast the local families which worked the land, as small freeholders or as lessees, were often both prolific and long-lived, with names that survived for centuries. Such families (fn. 84) were Bigmore or Bekmore (c. 1270-1616), (fn. 85) Blakewell (c. 1270- c. 1473), (fn. 86) Pratt (1297-1679), (fn. 87) Goodyer or Godzer (1321-1657), (fn. 88) Shepherd (1365-1669), (fn. 89) Warren (1365-1488), (fn. 90) SANNY (1375-1804), (fn. 91) Heybourn (1377-1474),
  6.  Mary Sanny ab. 1505 - Ancient art of brewing: /Times Group historians PERCY REBOUL and JOHN HEATHFIELD recall the rise of brewing and pubs in Barnet...
  7.  France/Belgium: Gerard de Sany, Abbe ~1600; Jehan de Sagny / Sany / Sanny - batteleur du cloches Bruxelles ~1560
  8.  Germany: Johann Christopher 1717-1777 painted a small church (Apensen); was named in a newspaper from 1935 with an article about the Sanny family. Older persons are priests, teacher, painters in the area Hannover/Celle ~1650, possible that they came from France, Elsass Lothringen.
  9.  USA: emigrants from Germany ab.1850, from these lines are farmers, 1 prior, 1 senator, technicans, book writer and a big family line in Iowa, Illinois, New York a.o..

Name frequency

According to some (private) statistics: in Germany are still living about 40 Sanny; 10 Sanni, and a few Sannig, Sanning; in USA still living about 200> and variants many people. France many people and with variants; Italy not known. UK about 10 persons but I think emigrated from other countries (China, Hungaria, or UK colonies..)


I am still collecting my data, and have my informations from private searches, old books, last wills (Finchley Past), Germany: church books, chronicle, Hannover, Hamburg, Schleswig Holstein, Niedersachsen. France / Belgium; private, and helpful genealogy centers.

News and interesting informations are welcome.