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About the study

My name is M. Diane Rogers and I am researching the surname Saggers, my paternal grandmother's maiden name. After starting my family history research in 1988, I quickly realized that most of my families' surnames were very common ones. Because of this, in my research I've always tended to note all instances I come across of the more unusual surnames, hoping those families will prove to be related at some point.

Over the years, I've collected a lot of information on Saggers families, mainly from Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA, and a few from other places in Europe.

I've registered the surname Saggers with the Guild of One-Name Studies and am happy to share information with others and I will be pleased to receive information on any Saggers families.

I am also interested in anyone with Saggers or a variant as a given name.

My own Saggers family is largely associated with the village of Bassingbourn in Cambridgeshire, England. My Saggers / Staines great grandparents and all their children had emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by 1907.  Other surnames I have information on as associated with the family are Cutmore, Staines and Wedd.


Saggers family at Burton End, Stansted, England, about 1905.

This photograph shows the family of David Saggers and his wife, Sarah Ann Staines, all together at Burton End, Stansted, Essex, England, circa 1906.

Variant names

Saggers, sometimes Sagger, or Saggars or occasionally Saggar.

The surname Seeger, sometimes seen, may not be related at all.

The surname Saggerson may be related.

Deviant spellings (usually poor transcriptions) to watch for are Laggers, Luggers and Jaggers, although I have also seen Saggers misread as Saggese and Saygus.

Another Guild of One-Name Studies member, Mr John Sagar, is researching both the Sagar and Sager surnames. 


There is now a Saggers DNA project at FamilyTreeDNA. If you are a Saggers (or related surname) and have had a DNA test or would like to, please join the project or contact me. Even if you did not test at FamilyTreeDNA you may be able to transfer your DNA data and join the project.

I hope we will see many discoveries as the DNA project grows. 


My Saggers study page is at my genealogy site, CanadaGenealogy, or Jane's Your Aunt

I have been blogging about genealogy and family history, particularly Canadian topics, since 2005.  I also blog about British Columbian genealogy and family history at the British Columbia Genealogical Society's website.

Please do be in touch with me on          Twitter           Facebook           Google+

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