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About the study

A Dartmouth branch of the Roope family was the subject of a detailed study by various members of my family and has been actively researched by myself since 2000. The surname has now been traced (using primary and secondary sources), as far back as 1470. Though there still remain a few 'brickwalls' to break down.

Still with a keen interest in the surname, a decision was made to commence a One Name Study. Wishing to 'plough a new furrow', I began collecting all examples of the surname and its variants in Norfolk, which has one of the largest instances of the surname. The study will gradually widen to include the whole of the UK and then worldwide-where it can be found mostly in the USA and Canada. Contributions to the study will be most gratefully received.

Variant names

The registered surname is Roope with variants Roop, Rope and Roupe.

Name origin

'A Dictionary of Surnames' (Hanks & Hodges) gives two examples.

Firstly: from the English as a maker or seller of rope.

Secondly: from the French (Brittany) as a variant of Robert.

Historical occurrences of the name

No known Roope has risen to be of major national importance. Nonetheless, the following should be noted:-

Lt Commander Gerard Broadmead Roope VC (1905-1940) was awarded Britain & the Commonwealth's highest award for bravery in April 1940.

Graham Roope (1946-2006). An English test cricketer between 1973-78. He also played for Surrey & Berkshire.

Hunt, Roope & Co. (Port Wine shipping firm). Founded in the 17th century, the firm's origins centred round the long established Dartmouth families of Newman, Roope, Holdsworth, Hunt & Teage (with numerous inter-marriages). A branch of the Roope family lived and traded for many generations in Oporto and Lisbon. The Roope connection with this firm died out in the early 20th century.

Name frequency

1851 Census

According to The Genealogist, there are 144 instances of the Roope surname. The largest concentrations are: Norfolk (28), London (28), Cambridgeshire (26).
Rope occurs 437 times. Norfolk (91), London (85)
Roop occurs just 6 times.

1881 Census

There are 192 instances of the Roope surname. Largest clusters: London (53), Cambridge (27).
The Rope surname occurs 404 times. Highest numbers are found in London (53) and Norfolk (78).
Examples of the Roop surnames amount to 9 and Roupe 2.

In 2002 according to ONS statistics there were just 179 people bearing the surname Roope and it ranked 22,902 in popularity!
The Rope surname accounted for 195 people & Roop 23. There are no records for Roupe.

Distribution of the name

The census returns show distinct concentrations of the surname & its variants in East Anglia, London & Devonshire.


With the help of the Guild of One Name Studies I have recently launched a website, where I have uploaded data on the Roope family of Dartmouth. However, if you require further details do feel free to contact me & I will do my best to help. You will find the link below.

In the next few months I will upload my data on certain branches of the Roope & Rope families in East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex & Cambridgeshire). This is a large project & will take some time to complete


Here is a link to my new website.