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About the study

My wife's maiden name is Rondeau. Almost all Rondeaus in the UK today are descended from Jean Rondeau a French Hugenot who arrived in London c1685. We have traced the Rondeau family back to Sedan in the 1500s. I am interested in connecting all known references to the name Rondeau to the family tree. Although I specialise in UK references I do have a large database of references from France especially Sedan. Descendants of Rondeaus who came to the UK have spread as far as the USA, Canada and Australia. Many French Rondeaus emigrated to Canada in the 1600s and there are now thousands of descendants in Canada and the US.

Variant names

Rondeau is sometimes misread as Rondean and French variants can be spelt Rondo, Rondot, Rondeaux.

Early UK variants were probably phonetic spelling variations such as Roundeau, Rondau and Roandeau.

Name origin

Rondeau is undoubtably of French origin, possibly loosely associated with place names, It appears to be fairly widespread in France.

Historical occurrences of the name

The UK Rondeaus were French Hugenots and fled to London and Canterbury in the late 1600s to escape religious persecution. They were mostly master silk weavers.

Rondeaus who left their native France to live in French Canadaian Territory in the 1600s have spread throughout North America.

Stan Rondeau has written a small booklet outlining some of the history of the UK Rondeaus. It is peppered with interesting anecdotes and photographs. Contact Stan Rondeau

Lewis Hussare, murdered his wife Ann Rondeau, in London in 1724

John Rondeau, sexton of Spitalfields was born in 1706. His bones and coffin plate are now in the Museum of London after excavation of the Spitalfields crypt.

There is a booklet written about William Rondeau 'The backwoods Preacher'. He trained as a lawyer and baptist minister and emigrated from Manchester to the USA in 1819 to become a flatboat owner on the Mississppi. The material is taken from his surviving diaries.

Rondeau Island near Golconda is named after him.

The Rondeau Provincial Park is in Ontario Canada.

Name frequency

There are about 127 individuals in the UK today with the name Rondeau.

There were 35 in 1901
There were 28 in 1881
There were 25 in 1871
There were 13 in 1861

There are 743 references in the Canadian 1881 census

There are over 500 references in the 1880 US census.
There are 1650 references in the 1930 US census

There are 2681 references in the French phone directory to the name

There are about 3750 references in Canadian phone directories.

There are about 2500 references in the US phone directories.

There are 48 references in the Belgium phone directory

There are 5 references in the Luxemboroug phone directory

There are 3 references in the Dutch phone directory.

Distribution of the name

The name is most frequent in France, Canada & the US.


All English GRO birth, death and marriage references.

All known Rondeau wills in the UK.

Parish register references.

Trade directory references.

1901, 1891, 1881, 1871, 1861, 1851 and 1841 census details.

Electoral register and phone details.

Records of references to a branch in India.