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About the study

ROBLES, a name that has kept me involved in it's research for 10 years. Fortunately, researching and analyzing gathered data came readily to me and it became one of my passions. Good thing because like most of us I began with what I knew about my immediate family....about 30 of us.  

Presently, in my own extended Robles family, we have documentation of 3-4,000 people (ancestors and descendants) of Francisco & Rita Luna Robles who first come to light in the State of Sonora, Mexico, ca 1830. 

Wonderful, unexpected relationships have been born, family reunions occur now regularly, and there is extensive communication between the different family lines thanks to texting, emailing, and social media.  All of this has been a very rewarding experience born out of the curiosity of, "who am I, where do I come from?". 

If this website can assist anyone with breaking down the proverbial genealogy brick wall or fill the gap of locations or relationships pertaining to your Robles ancestors then it has been my privilege to provide the information. 

And who knows, we may be related!


Variant names

So many, too many variants: de Robles, Roble, Robleda, Robledo, de Robledo, Robledano, Robledillo, de Robledillo, Roblas, Robreño, Robreno, Robreda, de Robreda, Robredo, de Robredo, Robredillo, Robbles.

I concentrate, currently, on the variants in BOLD.

Name origin

Ah, there is general information which says the name originated in North Central Spain in the Leon /Castile area. 

Roble in Spanish means oak as in the tree.  Robles is just the plural.  

So my thought is while the name may have originated from Northern Spain it still has something to do with an oak tree or many oak trees as in a grove/forest of them.  Spain has many forests with several varieties of oak trees

I am conjecturing that the Robles name may have been used before or after the accepted understanding of when the name originated in Northern Spain. Perhaps we will discover that in our research. 

I would say the name Robles can be categorized as: 1.)  habitational/locational, as in one who comes from an actual grove/forest of oak trees, 2.) a person who came from the town of Robles located in Leon so named because of it's proximity to oak trees.

Either way, it's about oak trees. 

Historical occurrences of the name

1982 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Alphonso Garcia Robles.

Purple Heart Recipient for her service in Operation Iraqi Freedom SPC Lizbeth Robles, U.S. Army

Hansel Robles from the Dominican Republic who plays baseball for the New York Mets. 

"The strongest woman in the world",  Sarah Robles, world class weightlifter and Olympian 2016.

President of Equador (1856-1859), Francisco Robles Garcia

ESPN Mexico television sportscaster Paulina Garcia Robles.

Ernesto Zazueta Robles founder of the Hispanic Scholarship fund in the United States.

                            ....and the list could go on and on



Name frequency

Robles was the 863rd most common surname in the world in 2014 according to this link:

Frequency of Name

This is a very user friendly interactive website that will give you more information and statistics than you care to know about the frequency of name and distribution of the name Robles. 




Distribution of the name

Robles from Sonora, Mexico


My data has been accrued via the usual suspects such as, but not limited to,  libraries, on-site church records, (and the ilk), basements of court houses, family trunks in their attics, letter/email writing, and good old fashioned knocking on doors and announcing to the person opening it that I think, "we may be related, do you have a moment to talk?'.

Your experiences have probably been very similar to mine no matter where you reside.  Please feel free to share your data on this site if it pertains to the name Robles.  I am totally open to collaborating with you to fulfill the mission of globally annotating wherever the name Robles appears.

Your ideas, information, constructive criticism are welcome. 



It is my dream to have a comprehensive DNA study of the Robles name. Notice I said far that is what it is.  

Several of us have had our DNA tested and we have shared the results, but we need to put our heads together to determine how best to interpret and utilize the information without us having to obtain a Ph.D in DNA.  

Are you the person who can help us?  


Benvenidos/ Welcome!

This is our Robles family website which is currently under re-construction.  It's a long story, but we once had a fabulous website.  Due to circumstances beyond our control we had to close it.  So bear with us and enjoy what we presently have to offer.