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About the study

The Rix One-Name Study commenced in 1979 as the Rix Family Alliance, a venture by several Rix families from Essex, England. The aim of the study is to research all people with the surname Rix, Ricks, Rex and variants worldwide; and to maintain a focus of contact for people of these surnames to meet physically or electronically, exchanging information and building family trees. Website:


The next Open Day and annual gathering of the Rix Family Alliance will take place on Saturday 3rd June 2017 commencing 10am at Action For Blind People, Suite 2, Cringleford Business Centre, Intwood Road, Cringleford, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 6AU, United Kingdom. Anyone with an interest in Rix or Ricks or Rex or another variant is welcome to attend. There is free wifi so bring your laptop and your Rix research.  Maps: Cringleford Business Centre (1)   Cringleford Business Centre (2)   Cringleford/Norwich. Email Trevor Rix for more information.

Variant names

The main variants are Ricks and Rex. More unusual variants include Rixx, Rixe, Rixs, de Rijck, de Ryck, de Rycke, Rijck, Ryck, Rycke and Rycks.

Name origin

Most Rix and Ricks and Rex families in the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa originate from the county of Norfolk, England. There are however also many Rix families in mainland Europe.

Historical occurrences of the name

There is documentary and DNA proof that in a small number of cases the surnames Rix, Ricks, and Rex occasionally evolved from one to another over time.

Name frequency

There were 1648 Rix, 376 Ricks, and 475 Rex recorded in the 1881 Census of England and Wales. The hotspots were the counties of Norfolk, Wiltshire and Somerset respectively.

In 1998 there were 2535 Rix, 417 Ricks, and 676 Rex in Great Britain.

In 2000 there were 2466 Rix, 17474 Ricks and 5437 Rex in the USA.


A large collection of documents has been gathered by the Rix Family Alliance since 1979, primarily by Pat Rix of Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, who was the research secretary for many years. More recently Susie Rix has maintained and expanded the collection. Trevor Rix is researching all Rix and variants worldwide, is building an electronic archive of data and families, and welcomes two-way interaction. Are you a Rix or Ricks or Rex? How do you fit in?


Trevor Rix instigated the worldwide Y-DNA study of Rix, Ricks and Rex in 2007. The primary testing company used is Family Tree DNA. In addition the results from any testing company are gathered and amalgamated into a single database.

Exciting discoveries are being made throwing new light on the origins, evolution and distribution of the surnames. Each test result is driving detailed conventional research into fresh areas in the quest to understand how the families interrelate with each other. Equally the test results clearly show that there are multiple origins of Rix and Ricks.

54 Rix and Ricks and Rex from England, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany and South Africa have participated so far. The results for Rix originating in England fall into seven genetically separate family groups all in the county of Norfolk, England. Results for Ricks so far indicate three distinct family groups.

To test you need to be a male Rix or Ricks or Rex or variant. Females may sponsor a test for a male relation such as a brother, father, uncle, nephew or cousin. A Y-DNA test is a swab from inside the cheeks and is conducted by post/mail. For further details about the DNA project visit the summary or the official website.