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About the study

I decided to take on a one-name-study after attending a family history fair here in New Zealand, and talking to others who are doing studies. I have been researching my RIDE/RYDE family for about 8 years. I always thought it was 'RYDE' and had trouble trying to find information for them in England. My father did not talk of his family so I virtually had to start from the beginning and eventually found my great grandmother and family in the 1901 census with the spelling RIDE. Then in the 1911 census I discovered the name had been spelt 'RYDE' and this is how my grandfather spelt it when he came to NZ.
In the last couple of years I have broken down a couple of brick walls and have made connections with other descendents in England and Australia. My one name study is just beginning and I am finding it very interesting. I have started collecting birth, marriage and death data for the UK and recently found quite a few for the spelling of WRIDE in Wales.
I am beginning to put together some trees for the Derbyshire, Kent, Surrey and Yorkshire families. Some of those from Derbyshire migrated to New Zealand and I am beginning to gather information on these. Recently I have begun to put together a couple of WRIDE trees, both from Somerset.
Recently I have done a Autosomal DNA test and was contacted by the manager of the ATTRIDE & ATTRYDE DNA project. His test has implied there maybe connections with this surname to mine although we have found nothing yet. As the surnames a very similar in meaning I have decided to add these to my study.
I welcome any help or connections with any of these names and any requests for information.

Variant names

I have included the variants, RYDE and WRIDE for my study. I have seen the name spelled as RIED, and REDE in some census and some have been incorrect spellings or transcriptions. I may include RIED in my study in the near future, and so I happy to receive any information regarding this surname.

Name origin

According to the Internet Surname Database, the surname Ride, is English in origin and however spelled, is derived from the 7th Century words 'ried or ryd' describing a clearing in the forest. It is a topographical surname describing where someone lived with reference to a geographical feature.
Above is the meaning of the surnames.

Distribution of the name

The surname 'RIDE' & RYDE so far appear most in Derbyshire which is about 40% of the total living in England. This is followed by Lancashire, Kent with lesser concentrations in Hampshire, Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Bedfordshire, Warwickshire, Stafford-shire and Nottingham-shire and others. Some have emigrated to Canada, the United States and also Australia. Very few here in New Zealand with most here having the spelling 'RYDE'. Currently I am concentrating on the United Kingdom.
The ATTRIDE & ATTRYDE surname is mainly in Middlesex and Surrey. Some have started with the ATT, but this has later been dropped.


I am working my way through the English census and have virtually completed the Canada census and the Scotland census. I continue to add to the England birth, marriage and death database.
I have just begun a shipping database, for those leaving the United Kingdom to other parts of the world. I have also put some of my trees online on Ancestry.


In September 2016 I decided to do a DNA family finder test but as yet have  not come across any close connections, so need to do some more research further back. I have uploaded the results to a few websites. Recently a person who is working  on the Attride surname has found that there maybe a connection between us according to his DNA results.

This year I had a test done for the maternal line but is not a part of this study. 


Ride or Ryde or Wride

This is the address to my Ride facebook page.