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About the study

I have been gathering data for the Reggler family surname for about 9 years. I first started this study because William Reggler who was born in London in 1785 had two sons, who produced at least 26 children, and they were the only descendants I could track down until a recent discovery made by a cousin of a will linked the families to Dorset.

Variant names

I am also gathering information on the following surnames as the variations in spelling are common place in all the names: Regler (the most prolific so far), Reglar, Rigler, Riglar and any other mispelling of these names.

Name origin

One source states that the name has a possible Huguenot origion but I have checked with the society who could not find a connection. It could also mean court jester or comedian.

Name frequency

William was born and married in London. He and his two sons were boat builders staying close to the Thames with their families. Subsequent generations have moved out of the area. In this country the largest concentration of the variants, particularly Regler, is in Dorset and I have found some excellent village websites for each location with transcribed records. I am also recording any information I find on overseas records and the surname Regler is very popular in Baden/Bayern, Germany and of course America where they have emigrated to over the last two centuries.


I have been gathering data from as many sources as I can for all the name variants. Quiet often people with the surnames Regler, Reglar, Rigler and Riglar can appear in any of their records with several variations of these names so may appear throughout their history moving from one to another. I have almagamated them all into one list and hope to match up the records for each person and attempt to build trees for each.The transcribed census's alone have some very interesting spellings. My biggest problems doing this is obviously knowing who the parents of each child were and marriage information. I would be happy to hold and collate any information gathered by family members and to link them up with others. I already have three which I have continued to build on. Other sources I regularly check are Ancestry, Familysearch, Vital World Records, Genes Reunited and Free BMD.