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About the study

I have always been fasinated with my maiden name of Ratheram. Perhaps it was because no one could spell it and tended to add an extra€ "h"€ to make it Ratherham or would spell it Rotherham like the town in Yorkshire.
I started researching my family tree back in 2002. In the search for my ancestors I began to collect data of others with the family name (as you do) and became really interested in using the census to compile these names into family trees. This has lead to a wider interest in the name and its origins.
Is the surname  Ratheram connected to the name of Rotherham? I do not believe it is.  Geographically the surname Rotherham is more prolific in the north and Ratheram seems to originate from Warwickshire and Hertfordshire. There are many instances of families appearing as Rather(h)am  in one census and Rother(h)am in another so maybe the difference is down to dialect or misspelling. I hope to find out more.
 I have now taken my research one stage further and completed the course *Introduction to One-Name Studies* with Pharos Tutors and I decided 2013 was the year I would register the name with the Guild. So here I am writing my profile.
Initially I will be concentrating my study on data resources within the British Isles but from my own family research I have made contact with Ratheram families in  America and have their trees on file as a starting point for US records.

Variant names

I have registered two common varients of the name which are RATHERHAM and ROTHERAM.

There are many instances of crossovers with spelling between *Ratheram/Ratherham* and *Rotheram/Rotherham* so I do have data on all 4 names.
There are many Devients of the name Rathrum,Katheram.Batheram,Rathram are just a few I have come across.

Name origin

I have been unable to find the origin or meaning of the name. 

History of the name

1480 Thomas de Rotheram- Lord Chancellor and Archbishop of London

Name frequency

The Office of National Statistics data gives the name
* Ratheram - a count of 88 and a ranking of 35861.
* Ratherham -no records
* Rotheram - a count of 554 and a ranking of 10485
* Rotherham a count of 1074 and a ranking of 6268
Census records from 1841-1911 show the following results
Name 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Ratheram 40 27 22 26 32 55 40 91
Ratherham 9 3 27 1 23 12 16 12
Rotheram 215 229 204 234 211 223 236 322

Distribution of the name

Ratheram data shows it is most popular in the West Midlands, Birmingham and the North Warwickshire villages of Nether Whitacre, Coleshill and Shustoke. It can also be found in Hertfordshire and London. This spelling of the name does appear in Yorkshire but in a much smaller concentration.
Public Profiler
Data from this site shows moderate concentration in the West Midlands,Sheffield,and Shropshire with lower density in the North,Yorkshire & Humberside, East Midlands,Bedfordshire, surrey,Kent and Dorset.
Worldwide instances of the name can be found in Ireland,USA,Canada,Australia


Data from FreeBMD
Births 1837-1962 for Ratheram,Ratherham,Rotheram,Rotherham
Marriages 1837-1962 for Ratheram,Ratherham,Rotheram,Rotherham
Deaths 1837-1966 for Ratheram,Ratherham,Rotheram,Rotherham

Some M.I's
Some family trees from data collected
Currently transcribing Census results into Excel spreadsheets