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About the study

Version 9. The Rashleigh One-Name study commenced in 2011. It started long before with and attempt to trace my own parents ancestry. My aunt had done a comprehensive search of the Watson ancestry, long before the days of computers and on-line databases. I have barely been able to improve on that. My father’s mother maiden name was Heggs and quickly found that there was extensive research already accomplished on that. So I turned to my mother’s maiden name, Rashleigh. I was intrigued by the apparent direct line to ancient families. Most of this research, at least for my family, is unreliable. It was with a sense of frustration with much of the public data that I started the One-Name study.

Variant names

There are many variants of the Rashleigh name, but sadly most of them seem to have died out. The commonest surviving variant is Rashley. Others include Raishley and Rashly

Historical occurrences of the name

The Rashleigh name is one associated with families who lived in Cornwall from early Norman times. The name derives from Rashleigh Barton a property by Eggesford on the river Taw about fifteen miles south of Barnstaple. The earliest records show that the property passed to John Raschelegh in 1390 from his mother Matilda, the widow of Robert Rashleigh. The family had been there from 1196. (see link to Faulkner below). Proving descent from these Rashleighs is impossible because public records were not kept until 1538.

Name frequency

Rashleigh: In 1881 there were 214. 2002: 214. 20,403rd most common.

Rashley: 1881: There were 148 in 2002: 102

Rashly: 1881: There were 8 in 2002: 0

Distribution of the name

Rashleigh: 1881: Predominantly in Cornwall. The others are in Hampshire spreading eastwards right across the south into London and Kent. None north of London. Since the mid-ninteenth century they have also spread throughout the world with many in the USA and Australia.

Rashley: 1881: Isle of Wight, Hampshire and Dorset. Today they are spread through most of England, though with only a few in the north. (Surname Atlas v1.10, Archer Software).

It should be noted that in the 19th century some families used Rashleigh / Rashley / Raishley in an interchangeable manner. Probably due to the person who at the time was recording the data.


All of the data has been obtained from public records mainly the Birth, Marriage and Death entries from the General Register Offices for England & Wales since 1837. The census data from 1841 through to 1911 is also incorporated (all UK national censuses). Many baptisms from 1800, from those counties that have on-line records, have also been incorporated. A number of families now have a partial genealogy back to the 17th century. Some relationships have been made by educated guess work (there are a lot of Williams and Marys!). The study now incorporates mainly research from around the world, particularly USA and Australia. Much verified by reference to national or state governmental records. The research so far can be found at:

My Data

Acknowledgments: UK -€“ Rashleighs: Caroline Rashleigh; Jackie Wilson, Rodney Marples and Ellen Lyne

Rashleys: Rosaleen and John Rashley, Charlotte Hosking, Jane Harrington, Keith Rees

USA - Bonnie Rashleigh

Australia: Joyce Conacher