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About the study

This is a worldwide study of Rasco/Roscoe and related surnames: Rasco, Rascoe, Rosco, Roscoe, Rascow & Roscow.

Variant names

“The simpler Anglicized versions of the name may have a foundation in Sixteenth Century Huguenot migrations to England by families named Rouscoue or Rauscoue...


Author, critic and teacher Burton Rascoe in 1937 quoted a family historian, Harvey Dann, who believed the Huguenot Rascoes to be of Flemish or Dutch Flemish origin before establishing themselves in England... Dann found the earliest record of the name in England to be John Rouscoue (i), alien, in Herts in 1545. 


Other research suggests the name may have Fourteenth Century origins on the Dalmatian Coast near Austria and Slovenia-Croatia... may have been Rascovich (or son of Rasco)...


Occasionally one hears of a family named Rasco of sure and traceable Hispanic origins in this hemisphere and other parts of the world. Such families may add validity to the theories mentioned above about a Spanish stop over for members of the family who originated in the Dalmation region...  In Italy, Rasco and Bosco families have been found. ...


Regardless of where in Europe the name originated, the only records located thus far indicate the family was in England for a number of decades before coming to the Colonies in the 1600s.

Where it has been possible to trace a branch of the family or one of its roots back to Europe, there is a conformity to the classic migration patterns of history. The Rusco family of Massachusetts came from East Anglia, England as did their Puritan neighbors...

Most of the neighbors and in-laws of our Rasco forefathers of Virginia and the Carolinas, whose European roots we can trace, came from the Southern Counties of England. An exception to this is the William Roscow family which came to Virginia from Lancashire in the Northwest section between Wales and Scotland in the 1600s...


Rascos with an African-American heritage can be found in some areas of this country...”

Rasco, William E., and James Ray Rasco. The Rasco Family Tree, Roots, and Branches: The Descendants of Rachel Harrell and William Rasco (ca. 1750-1806) and Their Eight Children: A Family History. Knoxville, TN (P.O. Box 52527, Knoxville 37950-2527): Tennessee Valley Pub., 1994. Print.


The Roscoe/Rasco Family History Y-DNA Study has been established and is currently serving two purposes:

1)Identifying the different Y-DNA branches of the Rasco surname (a son to father study)

2)Using autosomal atDNA to find recent ancestor connections (a cousins study)