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About the study

There was a mystery in my family that no one talked about, my grandmother Mrs Betsy (Cheeseman) Quickfall ran away to Australia with Mr Charles Willerton, taking 3 of her adult children with her, my father being Tom Quickfall being 16 years old, changed his name to Tom Willerton. I only became aware of this when on the death of my fathers maiden sister , we found details of what happened. So started my adventure in finding out who my father really was, and in the process finding that all Quickfalls living today are related.

Variant names

The Variants of the name Quickfall are Quixall, Whickfall & Quicksall ( this last name not yet proven)

The name Quickfall & Whickfall appears in the North Lincolnshire Wolds area of Lincolnshire

Quixall & Quicksall appears in the Sheffield area of Yorkshire

Name origin

There is a suggested origin of the surname Quickfall, which is very plausible because of it first being registered in the location of the North Lincolnshire Wolds. This area was under the 'Danelaw' therefore the name could have Danish origins , Quickfjall meaning 'people living on a grassy hill'

Historical occurrences of the name

Quickfall Town in Ontario Canada , once the farm of the Quickfall family that migrated in 1833.

From the book 'North West Passage, Parrys second Voyage' page 269 year 1825 . Captain Quickfall sailing in his Whaling ship 'James ' was the first ship to find and enter the North West Passage.

Robert Grantham Quickfall wrote 'Western Life and how I became a Bronco Buster'

Spirit of the West newspaper dated 3 April 1912 page 12 'Mosquito Bill alias Robert Grantham Quickfall & his horse Mustang Jack crossed the continent of North America.

Name frequency

in the 1881 Census for England there were 97 Quickfalls in Lincolnshire, 33 in Yorkshire, 11 in Hampshire & 8 in Durham & Northumberland. All these families have been traced back to Lincolnshire. There were no Quicksalls recorded.

Recorded Quickfall baptisms in England from 1837 to 2004 was 1293 with 28 Quickfall Christian names

In the 1881 Census of Canada there were 15 Quickfalls in total , 11 in Manitoba & 4 in Ontario

Distribution of the name

The first recorded Quickfall baptised in England was 26 April 1542 at Brocklesby Lincolnshire , daughter of John & Agnes Quickfall.

Migration to Canada occurred in 1833 , to New Zealand in 1875, some of these later arrived in Australia. One Quickfall soldier in the Boer War stayed to start the Quickfall line in South Africa


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