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About the study

This One-Name Study is an attempt to gather information about the Quattrucci name throughout the world. I started research into my own family in 2006 after becoming particularly interested in the life of my grandfather, Giustiniano Giuseppe Vincenzo Quattrucci, who emigrated from Italy to England around 1908. I now have information on almost all of the Quattrucci family currently living in England and I have traced my family back to the early 1700s in Italy, as well as finding relatives in Argentina, France, Germany, Australia and the USA. I am happy to share my information and I would be very pleased to hear from anyone with the Quattrucci name or who has information relevant to my research.

Variant names

Although I have no registered variants at present, I am aware of various similar names, mainly in the USA, which are probably the result of mis-spelling upon arrival at Ellis Island and other ports. Examples of these are: Quatrucci, Quattricci. Quattrocci, Quattrecci, Quadracci, Quadrozzi. I am interested in the name Quartucci, but at present I am not linking my name to Quattrocchi, which seems to originate from Sicily.

Name origin

The Quattrucci name originates from Arce, a small town in the mountains of Italy in the province of Frosinone, about equal distance from Rome and Naples. There is no evidence that this name started in any other place, so it is almost certain that all of us with this name are related. The first records I have date from the late 1600s. The meaning of the name is unclear, although it suggests the number four and the ending of 'ucci', which can mean 'descendant of'. During the Middle Ages in Italy, as the population was growing, it became necessary to differentiate between people known only by the same first name. They could have been given additional names relating to their town of origin, occupation or physical characteristics. In my family's case it is possible that an individual (Vincenzo, for example) was the fourth person with that particular first name and was given the additional name of Quattro, thus becoming Vincenzo Quattro. His children had the suffix 'ucci' added, to indicate 'descendant of'.

Historical occurrences of the name

Don Nicola Quattrucci, my GGGG Grandfather, was born in Arce in 1749. In 1796 he was elected Governor of the nearby town of Arpino. During the Napoleonic Wars of the late 18th century, the French Republicans had taken Rome and then marched on Naples, forcing the King and Queen of the Two Sicilies (Naples and Sicily) to evacuate to Palermo with the assistance of Nelson. Naples descended into anarchy with barbaric violence on both sides. The landowners armed their labourers to help fight off the French, who were defeated just weeks later. Now that the invaders had been vanquished, albeit for a short time, the local Governors received instructions to retrieve all weapons given to the labourers and Don Nicola spoke publicly to the inhabitants of Arpino. Angry at what they had heard and not prepared to give up their arms, several of the inhabitants dragged Nicola from his office and attacked and killed him. His head and limbs were cut from his body and his severed head was displayed in a window of a nearby church. Two local men were subsequently executed for his murder. I have uncovered other examples of murder, attempted murder, bigamy, blackmail, bankruptcy, illegitimacy and incest. So, just another ordinary family!

Name frequency

The Quattrucci name is not a common name, even in Italy, with just 70 entries in the national phone book in 2010. By comparison, there are several hundred in the USA. I believe mine is an ideal name to research as it is neither too rare nor too common. Apart from the USA, in each of the countries mentioned below there are no more than a handful of families bearing the Quattrucci name.

Distribution of the name

All the Quattruccis currently in England, probably around 30 in number, originate from my Grandfather. There are many more in the USA, with almost 20 entering that country through Ellis Island in the early years of the 20th century. Other countries with small numbers of the Quattrucci name include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Canada, France, Germany and Australia. I have made contact with people in each of these countries and have been able to link almost all of them to my own family. It has been my great pleasure to contact members of the Quattrucci family across the world, especially in Italy, where I have located and met many distant cousins who have been extremely helpful by providing me with useful information, documents and photographs.


The UK Census has been of little value. My Grandfather seems to have been the only Quattrucci to migrate to England and as this was around 1908 the only available UK Census entry was in 1911, some months after he married my (English) Grandmother and two months before the birth of my father. Much of my data has been obtained by viewing the Church of the Latter Day Saints' films of birth, marriage and death records from Arce and surrounding towns from around 1808 to 1865. With the invaluable help of an Italian researcher and contacting or visiting Italian archives myself, I have also obtained other local records. The census and immigration records of the US have been extremely helpful, but records in South America still present a challenge.