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About the study

I have been researching the Postle family for a few years and discovered that one member of the family had 10 children. Of these 10 children, several of the males emigrated to the America, Canada, and Australia. Apart from the descendants of these, there are 3 main pockets of the POSTLE family. These originated in Durham, Cheshire, and Norfolk.

Variant names

POSTLE can also be seen in documents as Pastle, Pistle, Postles, Postel, and Postl.

There is also the POSTLES name which is an unrelated name and those are not covered by this study unless proven to be a misspelling related to the linked POSTLE.

Name origin

POSTLE comes from apostle and is pronounced similarly to apostle without the 'a'. The original 'postles were players who would act the part of one of the twelve apostles in religious pageants. Alternatively the name may have been given to someone who was a particularly zealous Christian. The first known Postle is Richard Postel who is listed in the Assize records for 1202 in Lincolnshire.

Historical occurrences of the name

Joy Postle was a pioneering American environmental artist and creator of celebrated murals depicting Florida wildlife.

Chris Postle is an Australian artist.

Arthur Postle (The Crimson Flash) was the worlds fastest man in 1906.

Ohio State University has a building called Postle Hall.

Name frequency

According to the ONS database there were approximately 646 people with the surname Postle in the UK in 2002 of which the majority live in Norfolk.

In Canada there are approximately 62 people with the last name Postle, the majority of which live in British Columbia.

The U.S.A also has a number of Postle's.

Distribution of the name

In 1881 the distribution maps show that Postles were mainly to be found in Norfolk (184) followed by Durham (56), Lancashire and Yorkshire (42) and Middlesex (12).


August 29, 2015.     Births from 1837 to 1983 have now been transcribed.