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About the study

This study covers both the Pluckrose and Pluck surnames.

Variant names

There are records of both Plucks and Pluckroses before 1350 but present day Plucks all appear to be descended from some Pluckroses who shortened their name in the 18th century. You can read more about this on my website (which is listed below).

Historical occurrences of the name

My website has quite a few instances of historical records dating back to the early 1300s. Very few of the people listed there have been identified and linked into a tree. However, the information about them provides a valuable insight into how our ancestors lived. Many of these records describe someone in trouble with the law. This is not a comment on the general lawlessness of Plucks and Pluckroses but merely a reflection of the type of event that gets recorded. Even today, you get on TV if you do something bad (or if something nasty happens to you), rarely when you do something good. In all cases the source, usually a public archive, is listed.

Name frequency

Pluckrose and Pluck are both uncommon names. When UK surnames are ranked in order of frequency Smith and Jones come first and second - Pluck and Pluckrose are 7830 and 15,508, respectively (this is based on the Office of National Statistics 2002 database).

Distribution of the name

Most present day Plucks and Pluckrose appear to be descended from a small family of Pluckroses who were living on the Essex - Cambridgeshire border around 1550. There is also an Irish branch of the Plucks although it is not yet established whether this has its own origins or whether it is descended from a Pluck who went from England to Ireland.


I have a database of about 20,000 Pluckrose and Pluck 'events' - an event being the record of a birth, baptism, marriage, death, burial, census entry, probate, apprenticeship etc, which I am willing to search on your behalf.