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This is me at the age of three years old.

About the study

The notebook from my grandmother.

The notebook from my grandmother.

My name is Hillie Plantinga and I just started the study of my surname Plantinga and its known variants.

My journey into genealogy started after my grandmother passed away. When cleaning up her house my parents found a notebook with a family tree of the descendants of my great-great-grandfather Heerke Jeeps Plantinga. Since then I have on and off researched my own pedigree, but have always been intrigued with the my surname.

Since I came across other branches bearing the surname Plantinga I recently decided to do a one-name study of the surname Plantinga. I decided to register my study early on because it gives an opportunity to reach out to other people bearing the surname Plantinga.

Feel free to contact me if you are a member of the Plantinga-family or have information or questions about Plantinga’s.

Variant names

Plantenga, Planting, Plantinge.

Name origin

According to the website Nederlandse Familienamendatabank (Dutch Surname database) the name Plantinga has its origin as an address name. The ending -inga refers to an origin in the provinces of Friesland or Groningen in the Netherlands. The first part Plant probably comes from the word “plant”.

Name frequency

In 2007 there were 1376 people in the Netherlands with the surname Plantinga (source: Nederlandse Famililienamendatabank). There are also Plantinga’s living in the United Kingdom and the USA, but not many.

Distribution of the name

The surname Plantinga mainly originates from the province of Friesland in the Netherlands. A distribution of the name in the Netherlands in 2007 an be found through this link.