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About the study

The aim of the PICKWICK one-name study is to collect family history data and share data with others researching this name.

The study was started in 2008.

The aims are to:-

  • Collect available data about all holders of the name PICKWICK, past and present
  • Identify family trees
  • Make the data available to genealogists and family historians researching their PICKWICK ancestors
  • Exchange data with other researchers of the name who are willing to share data
  • Analyse the data in order to prove my theory that all those with the name PICKWICK are descendants of an orphan baptised Moses PICKWICK in 1695 in Corsham, Wiltshire, England.

Historical occurrences of the name

Eleazer PICKWICK (1749-1837) was the owner of a coaching business in Bath, Somerset, England. It is thought that Charles Dickens saw the name Pickwick on the side of one of Eleazer'€™s coaches and used the name in his book "€œThe Pickwick Papers"€

Name frequency

The name is uncommon.

ONS statistics for 2002 show that at that time there were only 115 people living in England and Wales with the name.

Distribution of the name

In the England and Wales censuses Pickwicks were found in the following counties:-

1841 census Wiltshire, Somerset and Oxfordshire

1851 census Wiltshire, Somerset, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and London

1861 census Wiltshire, Somerset, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and London

1871 census Wiltshire, Somerset, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, London, Glamorganshire & Hampshire

1891 census Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, London, Glamorganshire & Monmouthshire

1901 census Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, London, Glamorganshire & Lancashire, Essex & Middlesex

In the U.S. 1880 census Pickwicks were found in:

- New York -€“ 5 families

Massachusetts -€“ 5 families

Connecticut -€“ 1 family


Data held includes:-

  • 1841-1901 census for England & Wales
  • Transcriptions of some parish records in Wiltshire & Somerset
  • Some BMD index records
  • Odd pieces of data relating to anybody with the name

Some of my data is available on my Pickwick website

Enquiries are welcome -€“ contact details below.