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About the study

The surname PHILPIN is considered by some to be a diminutive form of PHILP, which, in Greek was 'a horse lover'. PHILPEN, PHILBIN and PHILBEN are variations. PHILLIPS, PHILPOT, PHIPPS and PHELPS are surnames in the same group. Dr Brian John has listed PHILPIN as a surname typical of South Pembrokeshire. Research carried out by Patrick James, suggests that Philpin's are survivors, that they are quick in mental reaction, have a mean IQ of 122, have a high libido, can 'talk the birds off the trees'; but are capable of violent reaction against an enemy. The average height of the males has been found to be 5ft 9ins, build slight. Frequently they die of circulatory failure and tend to hypochrondia; but are often long lived. There is a link to Ireland that the surname PHILPIN originated in 1368 in County Mayo and was linked to the Burke Family. In tudor times Sir John Perrot (who was either a half brother to Elizabeth 1 or had an emotional attachment depending on the version of history you read) allowed Tenby to become an open port for pirate trading. It is believed that whilst Lord Deputy of Ireland, Sir John met the Philpin's over there and brought back WILLIAM PHILPIN with him and he became Bailiff of Tenby 1506. William's son was WALTER PHILPIN who later became Mayor Of Tenby. With the co-operation of Perrot and Philpin, the pirates were able to sell their cargoes openly providing they paid the authorities. If they would not pay they were hanged and the cargo confiscated. Sir John Perrot went to the tower for this but apparantly WALTER PHILPIN carried on with the trade. This is a good story and hopefully for all us romantics a true one. There is also a French connection, with the family descending from a PRUDENT PHILPIN who was born in 1574,settled in LANGRES and who married CATHERINE de MONGEOT and together they had six children. This is just a taster of the surname PHILPIN, a name I have been researching for 20 years. In the UK the surname PHILPIN has always been predominantly linked with Pembrokeshire in South West Wales. If you would like any more information please feel free to contact me and if you have come across a PHILPIN please let me know ... there are not too many of us around.