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About the study

A 'One Name' study into the surname Pennyfather and associated variants. The study has an email list, a DNA project and is represented with a group on Facebook and Genealogywise. Furthermore it has a 'Wave' on Google Wave.

Variant names

Some variants of this surname are: Pennefather, Penneyfather, Pennifather and Pennyfeather.

Name origin

The meaning of the name is: 'penny-father', a miser, pinch-pennie, scrape-good and niggard. An old couplet says: The liberal doth spend his pelfe, The pennyfather wastes himself.

Name frequency

The appearances of the variants in the 1881 census for England and Wales are: Pennyfather = 87 Pennefather = 35 Pennyfeather = 17 Pennifather = 13 Pennifer = 13 Pennefether = 2 Pennyferther = 1 Pennyfether = 1 Penniefother = 1


The Pennyfather One Name Study website contains the following: a) family trees of researchers b) complete transcription of the births, marriages and deaths index for England and Wales from 1837-2005 c) parish records
Name: Trevor Penfold


Trevor Penfold


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