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About the study

Research started with my own family tree.   I had very little information to begin with - all my grandparents were deceased when I was very young, but after both my parents had died I found a little treasure trove of certificates and photos and my curiosity started... it has never stopped, and I am now completely addicted to my one name study of the Pascall family.

To date I have 6 public trees on Ancestry:-

Pascalls and their Partners (my own tree, mainly London and the South East)

Dover Pascalls

Midland Pascalls

The Pascall Family of London

Pascalls/Paskalls - Wiltshire Roots

Paskall/Pascall Family - Suffolk Roots

If you are looking for a Pascall, you should find them on one of these trees as they account for approximately 90% of the Pascalls born in the UK and their families if they emigrated.   If you don't find the person you are look for, please contact me.   I am currently working through my 'unattached' Pascalls in the hope of finding their place in the appropriate tree.   But sometimes, as was the case with Wiltshire and Suffolk, a whole new family is found when the original Pascall name has morphed into something else.

Variant names

I had always thought that Pascal would be a variant, but in fact research has found minimal use of this name.   Of course Pascall has always engendered innumerable spellings - I never realised just how many until I started this business - so Paschal, Paskal, Pascoal, Pascale, Pascual, Pascoe, Paskell, Paskall, are commonly found in census records especially.   The spelling reflected not only the education of the writer, but also the sound of the name, because many of our ancestors could not read and write.  Regional accents too produced further variations.   So it is not until the stage when most people were literate that they decided on the 'correct' spelling of their own name.

Name origin

"Pascal" was a medieval baptismal name which developed into a surname over the years. It derives from the Latin Paschalis, from Pascha, Easter, via Greek and Aramaic from the Hebrew Pesach, Passover. As a given name, it was introduced into England by the French and became a popular name for those born at Easter. It was also given in honour of the 9th Century Pope and Saint who bore the name. 
The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Pascal in the Warwickshire Assize Rolls of 1221.

Historical occurrences of the name

Perhaps the most famous is Mathematician Blaise Pascal who was born on 19 June 1623 in Clermont-Ferrand, France. In the 1640s he invented the Pascaline, an early calculator, and further validated Evangelista Torricelli's theory concerning the cause of barometrical variations. In the 1650s Pascal laid the foundation of probability theory with Pierre de Fermat and published the theological work Les Provinciales, a groundbreaking series of letters that defended his Jansenist faith. Pascal is also widely known for his body of notes posthumously released as the Pensées.  He died in Paris on 19 August 1662.  

Despite claims of a connection to the Pascall family via his brother - perhaps this should have been his uncle, as Blaise had no brother, only two sisters - Gilberte (who married Florin Perior and had a daughter Marguerite) and Jacqueline.    The Blaise connection seems to have come about because one of his books was found amongst the possessions of one of 'our' Pascalls.  This seems to have been enough for the family toassume a link.  Family stories, how we love them!   However - there is quite a physical likeness - who knows.?!

Blaise Pascal 1623 - 1662

Henry Pascall 1752 - 1829

James Pascall born 1838 the son of a Croydon Baker founded a family business to manufacturer and sell sugar confectionery.  As Quakers they promoted sweets as an alternative to alcohol.

James had worked as an agent for Cadbury’s before setting up business with his brother Alfred in a small shop off London's Oxford Street in 1866.   In 1877 they moved to larger premises in Blackfriars and expanded their range.   In 1897 their premises were destroyed by fire, after which the company moved out to Mitcham in Surrey.   By 1902 there were over 600 employees and by 1915 over 2,000.   James died in 1918.

Despite several changes of ownership new Pascall branded products were still being introduced into the late 1990s.  Pascall remains a major brand in Australia & New Zealand.


Geraldine Pascall (1944 – 17 February 1983) was a flamboyant Sydney-based Australian journalist who died suddenly of a stroke aged 38.

A graduate of the University of Sydney with a degree in political science Geraldine worked for The Australian newspaper for thirteen years. She was well known for her theatre and film reviews and her food and wine columns. At the time of her death, her best known column was the Indulgence Page, where she wrote on food, wine, fashion and society; though she had also begun writing about Australian Federal politics.

Upon her death, the proceeds from her estate, at the request of her father Fred Pascall, went to establish the Geraldine Pascall Foundation and the Pascall Prize. The Pascall Prize for Australian 'Critic of the Year' is Australia's only major national prize for critical writing and review.

Jeremy Pascall (Born as Jeremy James Zuppinger, 1946 - 30 Aug 2001) was an English screenwriter, broadcaster, journalist and author.

In 1986 Capitol Radio started a 2 hour Sunday morning comedy/entertainment/political satire/music show called Brunch presented by Roger Scott, Angus Deayton, Jan Ravens, Steve Brown, Paul Burnett and Jeremy Pascall

He specialized in writing about humour and rock music, starting his career at the magazine New Musical Express. At 26 he moved on to be a producer at London's Capital Radio.  He has written several books.

He died on 30 August 2001

Name frequency

139,682nd most common surname in the world.  

Approximately 2,756 people bear this surname.

Most prevalent in England

Highest Density in Grenada

Distribution of the name

          Pascall Distribution 1881

            Pascall Distribution 1998


                          Pascall distribution 2010 world