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About the study

The Outhwaite One-Name study is a new fledgling study.It started as an extension of my Family History but has now taken on a life of its own driven by a fascination in the derivation of the name Outhwaite and a desire to pull together all the data I can find about the name.
My interest in the name Outhwaite comes from my grandmother -€“ Ada Outhwaite and this One Named Study is dedicated to her memory.

Variant names

It is early days. As yet I have only registered the name Outhwaite. There are various different presentations of the name but as yet I have not gathered enough information to let me decide if they are variants or deviants.

Name origin

This is one of the objectives of my study - to find where the surname originated. There are two theories:

The first that this unusual and interesting name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is found particularly in the northern counties of England, especially Yorkshire, where there was a marked Scandinavian influence. 'Outhwaite' or 'Owthwaite' are locational surnames and derive from a 'lost' place so called, believed to have been situated not far from Ilkley in West Yorkshire, near to the places called Bouthwaite and Gouthwaite, the latter now being 'lost' under the River Nidd. The placename means 'Ufi's clearing', derived from the Olde Norse and Olde Swedish personal 'Ufi', with the Olde Norse 'Threit', a meadow or clearing in a wood.

The second also locative, is that it comes from a village in Lancashire called Outhwaite near Melling and Wray in Roeburndale.

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