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About the study

Norstedt is a surname of Swedish origin. There are currently three Norstedt kins identified:

Norstedt from Höjen, a mine owner family from the Stora Kopparberget copper mine at Falun in Dalecarlia. It has it's origin in the 17th century, the first man with the name Norstedt was Christoffer Larsson Norstedt born 1672.

Norstedt from Larsbo, a blacksmith family from the iron industry in southernmost Dalecarlia.

Both kins have been DNA tested. Norstedt from Höjen belongs to haplogroup I1-BY147, with a so far family specific SNP BY2828. Norstedt from Larsbo has not been thoroughly tested yet but preliminary results indicate a haplogroup somewhere close to I1-L813.

Norstedt from Nora (extinct), a family most known for the 18th century printing house P.A. Norstedt & Söner.