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About the study

This study is in its early stages and was started as my maternal grandmother was a Neame. A fair amount of work has already been undertaken to collate information about the births deaths and marriages as well as census records. This has mainly centred on UK records.

Variant names

A number of variants have already been identified These are Neem, Neeme Neames and Neems. These are all quite rare.

Name origin

The name is thought to have originated in Ireland from around the 14th century.

Historical occurrences of the name

There are one or two quite famous names associated with Neame. They include the only man to obtain a VC and an Olympic gold medal, Sir Philip Neame (1888-1978).

Name frequency

The name appears around 350 times in the 1911 census which puts the study in the 'small' class in terms of numbers.

Distribution of the name

In the UK the name is most common in Kent with around two thirds of the total references. Elsewhere London and the other home counties are well represented. Overseas New Zealand has a significant Neame population with a small number in Australia, the US and Canada.


The Census material for 1841, 1891 and 1911 has been collated.


It is my intention to include a DNA project in the future.