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About the study

The name MUTUM is a relatively small study. My main area of research centres around Brandon in Suffolk and Kilverstone in Norfolk and the Mutum name is to be found mainly around the Suffolk/Norfolk border within 15 miles of Thetford.

There is a small branch in the north of England, although they originate from Suffolk. The name can be found in 16th and 17th century records in other parts of Suffolk. There are some MUTUM families in the USA, one of which originated in Suffolk, England and the name is also to be found in India.

Variant names

MUTEHAM is also to be found in Suffolk and is a proven variant of MUTUM. There are also MUTIMER families but I have not yet linked them to MUTUM.

Name origin

I do not know much yet about the origin of the name in England aside from the obvious connection with someone who could not talk or hear perhaps.

There is a large area in Brazil called MUTUM and a bird in that country with the same name. More recently there is a hotel, a rock band and a film called MUTUM.

Name frequency

There are less than 20 people called MUTUM in the UK at present. There were 23 registered in the 1881 census and 49 in the 1911 census. 83 deaths were registered between 1837 and 2006. Currently there are about 280 people called MUTUM in my One Name Study with just over 1180 in the family tree in total (so far)

Distribution of the name