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About the study

This is the MOXON one-name study page.

Variant names

Moakson and Mokeson were very common up till the middle of the 19th century, but with the introduction of widespread literacy, both forms settled to become Moxon.  Moxson was less common but also died out.

Some Megson families have now settled on Moxon.

Moxom is reasonably common.  In Australia, convict William Moxon (Tortoise 1841 to Hobart) from Stewkley, Bucks became William Moxham, married ex-convict Mary Hurst.  They migrated to Victoria and their descendants have now settled on the name Moxom.

A Moxham/Moxom family from Wiltshire who migrated to the USA and Canada became known as Moxon.

Name origin

Yorkshire for Moxon, Moxson, Moakson and Mokeson.

Wiltshire for Moxham.

Moxom is a variant of both Moxon and Moxham.  Sometimes a Moxham became a Moxon after being misspelt or transcribed as Moxom, and vice versa.

The Yorkshire and Moxham variants have different DNA, but because of mispellings, often a Moxham will share their DNA with a Moxon and vice versa.