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About the study

This study evolved from my research into my own Moulding family, centred for many years on Bingley, Yorkshire, England. Arising out of my Bingley research I then also studied all 19th and early 20th century Mouldings and Mouldens residing in or connected to the West Riding of Yorkshire (my “Connecting Mouldings” study); while I found I was linked to a large number of them there were several unrelated families, which was intriguing. The impetus towards a Moulding ONS was further increased by the fortuitous discovery of unrelated Mouldings in my wife’s tree.

Variant names

Moulden is an established variant of Moulding. Certain 19th century individuals have records under both names; some lines settled on Moulding, others on Moulden. Both are traceable to today. I have no evidence that would point to a link between Moulding/Moulden and superficially similar names such as Mould, Moulder or even Moulton. Perhaps new evidence will emerge.

Name origin

Finding the place or places of origin of the name(s) and the meaning of the name(s) is part of the point of the Study.

Name frequency

Moulding is not a common name, and Moulden even less so. In 1841 there were 301 Mouldings in England and Wales and 216 Mouldings; in 1861 519 Mouldings and 323 Mouldens; in 1881 726 Mouldings and 378 Mouldens; in 1901 961 Mouldings and 445 Mouldens (all figures derived from The relative proportions of Moulding and Moulden in earlier censuses are inaccurate since the two names were often used interchangeably. Numbers elsewhere in the UK were minimal. In September 2002 there were 1599 Mouldings in England and Wales and 521 Mouldens (source I have not been able to obtain reliable figures for the USA.

Distribution of the name

In addition to my own Yorkshire origins there are or were historic Moulding hot-spots in Lancashire, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Northumberland, Devon and elsewhere. Globally, there are or were significant Moulding numbers in Illinois, Wyoming and Utah, USA and in Canada, with smaller numbers elsewhere. I do not yet have comparable data for Moulden.


I have large amounts of census, parish register and BMD data for Mouldings in or connected to Yorkshire, but less for Mouldings elsewhere and for Mouldens. I also have significant amounts of shipping data (emigration and other), wills, monumental inscriptions and other data. My own tree includes over 400 Mouldings by birth and about 160 females who acquired the name by marriage, with more individuals queueing to be added. I am fully aware that I need to find much more information if I am to start to make connections.