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About the study

My immediate family comes from the South West Durham
I started to trace my Family background about 2000 up until 2009 when I decided to expand my study, joining the Guild.

Variant names

Because of the already large study I decided not to include any variants but have included what I believe to be deviants, Mosess and Mosses

Name origin

The Surname, Moses...(Law giver)

Jewish.(Hebrew; Moshe;). From the Biblical name borne by the leader who led the Israelites out of Egypt, as related in the book of Exodus. Can be a €œgiven name€ or a €œsurname€.

Historical occurrences of the name

Victor Moses. Professional Footballer, Born 1990 in Nigeria,
Remi Mark Moses. Professional Footballer, Born -Manchester 1960.
Adie Moses. Professional Footballer, Born -Doncaster 1975. represented England under 21s
Gilbert Moses. Born -Cleveland Ohio, 1995. an American, stage, screen and television director.
Chief Moses. Born Kwiltalahun, later called Sulk-stalk-scosum - 'The Sun Chief') (c. 1829 - 1899) was a Native American            chief of the Sinkiuse-Columbia, in what is now Washington State. The territory of his tribe.
Montrose Jonas Moses. Born New York 1878 - 1934) an American author,
Edwin Corley Moses. Born 1955, Dayton Ohio, is an American track and field athlete who won 8 gold and 1 Bronze medals  
       in the 400m hurdles and setting 4 World records between 1976 and 1987.
Anna Mary Robertson Moses (September 7, 1860 -€“ December 13, 1961), better known as 'Grandma Moses', was a        
       renowned  American folk artist of America's rural past, in embroidery and paint.

Name frequency

1841 UK Census - 1520 individuals, increasing in 1881 UK Census to 3158
1850 US Federal Census - 2916, increasing in 1870 US Federal Census to 6742
1851 Canada Census - 111, increasing in 1911 Canada Census to 662
National Burial Index - 1365
1911 Census. England & Wales - 3722,
1911 Censu. Ireland - 48

Distribution of the name

The name is widely spread across the UK with larger numbers in the North East England. Greater London. South Wales, and smaller groups in Cheshire, Cornwall. Devon and Hampshire. (1881)


Including the above Census I am also gathering GRO births, marriages and deaths, Church/Parish records.


I have Recently taken a DNA test (R1b). Any male Moses wishing to take a test and help start a project, contact me (below).