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About the study

This study is in its early stages, its purpose is to try to follow the Mosedale surname back to its origin.

Variant names

The Mosedale surname can be found as

Moulsdale, Mousdell, Mosdale, Mousedale, Molesdale, Mosdell

Mossdale, Mousedale, Mouldesdale, Moasdale, Mowsdale, Mowsdell, Mosedall, Mosdall, Mosdill, Mousdall and finally Mustill.

You can spell the name in so many different ways there are probably more variants out there


Name origin

The Mosedale surname was in existence in England before the Norman conquest of 1066.

The name Mosedale originates from Old Norse where Mosi equals marsh, in the sense of a peat bog and Dalr equals valley.


An analysis of the 1881 Census data shows the name in use most prominently in Lancashire (161 references),

followed by Staffordshire (65 refs.), Derbyshire (47 Refs.),  Cheshire (54 Refs.) all the variants can be found in this northern group.

In the south of England (exc London)  the Mosdell variant can be found almost exclusively. It is in use in Berkshire (51 Refs.) Hampshire (22 Refs.), Buckinghamshire (12 Refs.)