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About the study

 I have been studying the moon line for about 50 years.  I started my one name approach for the moon line 4 years ago.  I have started in Lancashire, England where my ancestors originated.  I have gathered Moon names from as many sources that I can find in Lancashire.  I have started working on the Moon names in Yorkshire.


I would like to find out if the Moon name is one origin or several origins in England.


Name Origin

The highest concentration of moons in the 1881 census are on the map below.

Moon Name Distribution 1881 Census By countyI


Name origin

The moons supposedly came to England with William the Conqueror and the name at that time was Mohun.  The Moon’s in Lancashire emigrated throughout the world, Australia, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Jamaica.


Variant Names

Moon, Mohun, Moon and Moun are the most common.


The study sponsors one DNA project located at Family TreeDNA.  It is my hope to find out if all the Moon’s in England are from a common origin.  There are many great matches with Moons in the United States but few matches with anyone in Great Brittan.  I would like to encourage individuals from Great Britain to do a Y-DNA study at Family TreeDNA and see if our lines are related.