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About the study

Origins of this study are from my Grandfather Ancestors. From one Birth certificate a study grew to encompass all Mongers and its derivitives. This had led to contacts all over the British Isles, Australia, US and Germany. This study aims to be the focal point for MONGER's around the world to share their history and origins

Variant names


Name origin

Occupational name for a retail trader or a stallholder in a market, Middle English monger, manger

  1.  A dealer in a specific commodity. Often used in combination: an ironmonger.
  2.  A person promoting something undesirable or discreditable. Often used in combination: a scandalmonger; a warmonger.

MUNGER / MANGER tend to have been a mispelling of MONGER passed down through generations

Distribution of the name

Extensive reserach has idenitifed four key family groups originating in the UK and one from Germany.

  1. Hampshire - George Monger born sometime before 1650, he married Mary Bellamy. This Family was centered on an area to the North of Basingstoke around the villages of Pamber, Tadley , Sherborne and Silchester. Many Mongers still live in the area and parish records record many MONGER ceremonies. (2,220 tree entries)
  2. James Monger born 1809 in Faversham (548 tree entries)
  3. Surrey - James Monger 1663, this family went onto to run and operate the Copper industry in and around South Wales. (538 tree entries)
  4. Germany / US Johan David Manger, Born in Germany, emigrated to the US (1518 Tree Entries)
  5. UK/ US - Nicholas Monger Born 1623 in Kent. He emigrated to the US and this family can followed through CT & OH