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About the study

The Mist one name study started with a collection of Mist surnames from Hampshire, England (stemming from a genealogical study of ancestors from Fordingbridge). It branched out first of all to include Wiltshire, England and then the whole of England. It now includes any Mists (or variants) worldwide. The objective of the study is to establish where the surname 'Mist' originated and to determine if it is single or multi-origin.

Variant names

Mist, Miste, Misste,  Myste, de Mist

Name origin

The origin of the surname is not clear. A current hypothesis is that it originated in England from Flemish or Dutch weavers or wool traders who emigrated to England prior to 1400 in response to King Edward III's attempt to improve the quality of English cloth, thus increasing exports and increasing taxation income.

Historical occurrences of the name

The earliest documented occurrence of the Mist surname in England discovered so far is that of Johannes Myste in 1400 in Winchester, Hampshire.

Name frequency

The surname Mist is comparatively rare. In the 1881 census, there were only 226 occurrences. In 1998 250. The concentration in 1881 is in Fordingbridge, Hampshire.


The one-name study is also the subject of a DNA study for which contributors are sought world-wide.