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About the study

This one name study MEUROSS commenced because of a desire to discover from where it originated.  Friends and relatives all had their own theories - "it's French, Norman, Belgian, Central European. Greek" - the list was endless.  My very dear, late father always insisted that the name had its origins in Scotland and this study appears to suggest that he was correct!

Establishing the possible Scots' origins of the name, led onto investigating something of the lives of the name bearers.  The study began to develop more and more into a social history of members of the Meuross family.

The Guild's "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" has been and still is  an invaluable resource and research guide.  Hopefully, the "Seven Pillars" has helped to avoid Ian Swinnerton's warning that "merely collecting names is insufficient."

Is the study of MEUROSS completed?  No! Certainly it has covered a number of the aspects discussed at the start of the "Seven Pillars" but, this study does appear somewhat "feeble" when compared with the extensive studies by some guild members.