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About the study

Early 2014 I registered the surname as I was interested in one of my great x 2 grandparent. This an early work in progress.

Variant names

Variants found so far, Merrilees, Merrylees, Merriles, Mireylees, Mirylees, Murlis, Murliss and Murless, and during my search I am sure I will find more variants.

Name origin

Unlike some other surnames, it appears that the name originates from an estate which was known as 'The lands of Merrilees' or possibly 'Merrylees Cottages'. Thomas Mureleyis appears in 1529.

Name frequency

The name Merrillees does not appear in The Office of National Statistics. Merrilees (one L) only appears once.

Distribution of the name

Only 8 individuals with the name of Merrillees were found in 1881 Census (Scotland). Seven were in Aberdeenshire and one in Renfrewshire. As time progresses in my research this could of course change.


At this stage I have put together an Excel schedule, so far:

Merrillees - worldwide
Merrilees - UK only

The above includes BMD Index (Birth, Marriage, Death). Also baptisms, marriage banns, burials, travel.