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About the study

I collect all references to the name - my maiden name. It is not a common name but does appear in various parts of the country with no obvious links. My own line appears in Surrey in c1740.

Variant names

Merredew, Meredew, Merridew, Meridew, Merrydew, Merydew, Merriden, Merridan, Merydue

Name origin

I have never been happy with Reaney's suggestion that it is an English version of Meredith - if this was the case you would expect to find the name in those counties bordering Wales but it is not. Plus I don't regard Merryday as a variant. But on re thinking about this it is possible that the name started in Wales as Meredydd which seems by 1700 to have evolved to Meredeth in Wales, in Shopshire this is also the case but also to Meriden but as yet I haven't found any direct generation name changes to Merredew.

My own theory is that it is based on a field name see below.

A Dictionary of British Surnames - P.H. Reaney 1961
Merridew, Merredy, Merriday: John Meridewe 1379 Yorkshire Poll Tax return. A English & Irish form of Meredith. Bardsley gives 2 examples of men called both Meredith and Meriday in 1596-8 and 1680-2.

Surnames of the United Kingdom - Henry Harrison 'that the name Merridew is probably for the French, Me're de Dieu ... and he translates 'from the dwelling by an effigy of the Mother of God'.

The Oxford Names Companion 2002
'Meredith Welsh from the personal name of Meredydd or the more commonly, Maredudd. The OW for is Moretiud, of which the first element may mean 'pomp', splendour and the secord is udd lord. Var Merredy, Merriday, Merridew'

Earlist references to the name and as a place name
Dictionary of English Place Names
Marden, Heref & Worc. Maurdine (sic) 1086 (DB), Magewurdin 1777. 'Enclosed settlement in the district called Maund'.OE worthign

Marden, Kent. Maeredaen c1100. 'Woodland pasture for mares, or near a boundary' OE mere or (ge)maere + denn.

Marden, Wilts. Mercdene 941, Meresdene 1086 (DB). Probably 'boundary valley'. OE mearc+denu.

Marden, East, North and West, West Sussex. Meredone 1086 (DB). 'Boundary Hill@. OE (ge)maere+dun

Meriden, W. Midlands. Mereden 1230. 'Pleasant Valley' or valley where merry making takes place'. OE myrge+denu

The Coventry area is one area where the name is found.

Origins of the name Merredew/Merriden
Surrey Place Names – 1982 p.272
Merriden Farm, Wotton Hundred, Dorking Parish Hamlet of Coldharbour, ‘is Murydene 1249 Feet of Fines, Merydene 1373 Endowments, Merryden 1385, Myryeden c1400 Norfolk, Mereden 1620 Endowments. ‘Pleasant Valley, myrige, denu. Identical in origin with Marden infa 318.
P 318 Marden Park, Tandridge Hundred, Godstone Parish, is Meryden 1321 Feet of Fines, Muryden 1344 Penhurst, Muridene, Murydene 1349, A Parish History of Godstone, Uveldale Lambert 1929; Meredenne 13554 Ipm Calender of Inquisitions Post Mortem; -den 1355 Feet of Fines, -dene 1401 Feet of Fines, Mardeyne 1622, Surrey Archaeological Society Collections; Marden al.Mardyn 1738, Recovery Rolls.

Victoria County History for Hertford Vol 2

Watford Manors - The Manor of Munden or Meriden  extract ' Watford: Manors - The manor of Munden or Meriden was given by Abbot Richard (1097 - 1119) to Geoffrey de Mappeham in exchange for the land of Bradway, (fn 196 Gesta Abbat (Roll Ser) i 68) and was confirmed to the monastery by Henry II and King John, (fn 197 Dugdale, Mon Angl, ii 228 and 231, Cart, antig B (1)) as lands of the knights of St Albans. Raicus de Meriden was holding land of the abbot of St Albans in 1166, (fn 198 Red Bk if the Exch (Rolls Ser) 360) and Roger Meriden his son held land of the abbot in 1210-12 (fn 199 ibid 508 cott MS Otho, D ii fol 96 d) He was probably succeded by his brother Thomas, and Roger son f Thomas was holding a sixth and a thirtieth part of a knight's fee in Meriden towards the end of the 13 C. His son Roger held courts at Meriden in 1298-9, (fn 200 Cott MS Otho D ii fik 98m 98d, 102d and 105. Gesta Abbat (Rolls Ser) ii 46) and must have died between 1303 and 1308, for he was holding the manor at the earlier date, and had been succeeded by his son John before 1308. (fn 201 Feud Aids ii 427 Cott MS Otho D iii fol 106) in 1351-2 the manor was granted to John de Meriden to John Raynford, clerk, who already held it for life. (fn 206 Jn Amundesham Ann Mon St Albani (Rolls Ser) ii 220.

Historical occurrences of the name

Nearly all early references are to Merreden such as this list:-

1166 Raicus de Meriden - Manor of Munden or Meriden, HRT

1274 Sir Walter de Meriden - deeds Stapleford, ESS

1298 Roger de Meriden - held Courts at Meriden Manor, HRT

1472 John Merydewe, Cambridge - PCC
1489 John Merriden/Merden alias More of Wing, BKM - PCC
1524 Robert Merriden, Isehampstead, BKM - PCC
1533 William Merdon, Farnham, SRY - Surrey Wills abstracts
1538 Agnes d of Rychard Morden married James son of John Del at Chesham, BKM
1540 William s of Nicholas Mereden bap Chesham, BKM
1540 Frances s Robert Morden buried at Chesham
1551 John Mereden, Elstree, HRT - Hertfordshire will
1559 William Merden, Reigate, SRY - Surrey Wills abstracts
1564 Henry Sharman married Elizabeth Meriden, Dunchurch, WAR
1566 Robert Merede of Latimers married Anne Protris of Langley at Chesham
1584 Edward s Richard Meriden bap St Mary Shrewsbury, SAL
1584 Frances Meridew buried St Editha, Tamworth, STS
1589 Richard Meryden, Elstree, HRT - LND Consistory Court
1589 William s Michael Meridew bap St Lawrence, Foleshill, WAR
1590 Thomas Ball married Alice Meryden, Uxbridge
1594 Hunt, Ralph, son of Thomas, Manchester, Lancashire, shearman, to Richard Merreden, Cutlers' Company, - Apprenticeships
1596 Henry Meryden married Margaret Sutton Uxbridge
1602 Nicholas Marden, Reigate, SRY - SRY Wills Abstracts
1609 Henry Mereden married Elspeth Hoan, St John the Baptist, Croydon, SRY
1609 Nicholas Merydewe buried, Foleshill, WAR
1616 Eliz Mereden alias Billnge of Woodford, NTH - PCC
1623 Richard Merrideau married Elizabeth Dickman, Everleigh, WIL
1625 Francis s Mr Edward Meriden buried St Mary Shrewsbury, SAL
1630 Elizabeth Meridew a servant buried Holy Trinity, Coventry, WAR
1632 Joseph Mereddeth married Anne Meryden St Mary Shrewsbury, SAL
1634 Joan d Nicholas Merridew buried Ashby Parva, LEI
1638 Thomas Meriden, Baschurch, SAL - Litchfield will
1644 William son of Robert Merriden baptised Potton, BDF
1647 Elizabeth d John and Ann Meredew, bap Ashby Parva, LEI
1648 William Meridewe of Foleshill, WAR - Litchfield adm
1655 Robert s William Meryden bap St John the Baptist, Croydon, SRY
1655 Abraham Meriden buried St John the Baptist, Croydon, SRY
1659 Owen Meryden, Shrewsbury, WIL - PCC
1660 Jane d of William Meridew married Robert Ford, Urchfont, WIL
1662 Apr 22 Elizabeth Meridew married Thomas Wiltshire, Everleigh, WIL
1662 Apr Joan Meredew buried, Everleigh, WIL
1663 Thomas Mearedew married Anna Dunton Beaconsfield, BKM
1664 Thomas Meridew buried, Everleigh, WIL
1668 Edward Meriden married Mary Tomkys St Mary Shrewsbury, SAL
1668 William Meredew s Richard Meredew, Bap Kenwyn, CON
1671 Nicholas Merridew, Ashby Parva, LEI - Leicestershire will
1672 William son William Meredew bap Clewer, BRK
1672 Richard Meridew married Alice Whelpley, Urchfont, WIL
1674 William Merredew, Easterton, WIL - Wiltshire will
1674 William Meridue buried Market Lavington, WIL
1678 Richard Meriden s Mr Robert & Judith Meriden St Chad, Shrewsbury, SAL
1678 Elizabeth d John Mereden of Willenhall bap St Peter, Wolverhampton, STS
1678 Sep 18 Brimsmead, William s of William of Taunton Deane, SOM to William Meriden Cutlers' Company - Apprenticeships
1692 May 31 Merriden Henry s of Robert, St Giles, Cripplegate, LND corn chandler, to Richard Webb, Ironmongers Company 1700 Jun 07 William Merriden, s of Abraham, Potton, BDF carrier, to John Wibird, Poulters' Company - Apprenticeships
1694 William s William & Mary Merriden bap St James, Westminster, MDX
1697 William Meridew of Burnham, BKM m Ann Ives of Beaconsfield, BKM Chapel Royal, New Windsor, BRK
1698 John Meriden buried Rushall, STS
1699 Anne Meriden married Thomas Watson, Rushall, STS
1700 William Meredew of Wooburn, BDF married Elizabeth Bampton, Beaconsfield, BKM
1702 Mar 27 John Merriden s John, Potton, BDF, to Walter Hutchinson, Poulters Company - Apprentice
1702 May 30 Corbett, Thomas, son of Lawrence, Southgate, London/Middlesex, gentleman, to John Merreden, Cutlers' Company, - Apprenticeships
1707 Sarah d Thomas Meredew bap Clewer, BRK
1707 Edward s Richard & Mary Meriden buried Codall, STS
1709 Mary wife of William Meredew buried Datchet, BRK
1710 Mary d John Merredew buried Clewer, BRK
1712 Lydia wife of William Merrydew buried Bitteswell, LEI
1712 Margery Meridew, Hurstbourne Tarrant, HAM - HAM probate
1716 Stephen Merrydew, Littleton, WIL - London Consistory Court
1729 John Meriden married Phoebe Holms, St Peter Wolverhampton, STS
1735 Dec 09 Thomas Merrydew married Elizabeth Holmes, Figheldean, WIL
1737 Sep 25 Betty d Thomas & Elizabeth Merridew bap Figheldean, WIL
1740 George Meridew alias Meridith, Long Itchington, WAR - Inventory PROB 31
1740 Mary Meridew buried Enford, WIL
1743 Henry s Robert & Elizabeth Merrydew bap Hurstbourne Tarrant HAM
1757 John s John & Elizabeth Meredew, buried Churchover, WAR
1758 Henry Meridaw or Meridew of St James, MDX - PCC
1758 William Merrydew married Mary Avis, Old Windsor BRK
1759 Isaac Clarke & Mary Meredew married Isleworth, MDX
1761 Oct 02 Gent James, s of Joseph, St Mary le Bow, LND gent, to William Meriden, Poulters' Company - Apprenticeships
1764 Dec 24 William Merrydew married Mary Ginger, Winterbourne Stoke, WIL
1765 Feb 24 Nehemiah Meridew married Mary Offer, Enford, WIL
1766 John Meredew married Patience Fulluck, Gatton, SRY
1766 May 18 Mary d Nehemiah & Mary Meridew, bap Enford, WIL
1767 John s William & Mary Merrydue bap Winterbourne Stoke, WIL
1768 Joseph Meredew banns Mary Oadhams - Churchover, WAR
1768 Joannes s of Thomas & Marjorie Meredin bap RC Lincoln Inn Fields, Holborn
1769 Thomas Merridew married Ann Tepper – St Michael, Coventry, WAR
1770 or 6 Thomas Merridew Gosford St. Coventry, weaver - Coventry Record Office Freeman's Index
1771 Leah d Amariah & Flora Merrrydue bap Bowchalk, WIL
1771 Thomas Meridew & Elizabeth Brice married Heston, MDX
1774 Arthur Wollwort s William & Mary Merridew bap St Michael, Coventry, WAR
1776 John Meredew, Horsham, SSX - PCC
1778 William Meredew of Clewer, BRK & Elizabeth Homan of Holborn married Holborn St Andrew
1784 Nathaniel Merridew Cross Cheaping Ward Printer/bookseller & stationer - Coventry Record Office Freeman's Index
1785 John Merredew s of Joseph Merredew married Margaret Owen St Dunstan in the West, LND
1786 Elizabeth d Joseph & Elizabeth Merredew of Theobald Rd bap Holborn St George the Martyr
1801 Thomas Merredew otp married Elizabeth Dowsett of Croydon, Bletchingley, SRY
1801 Elizabeth d Edmund & Elizabeth Merredew bap St John the Baptist, Croydon, SRY
1806 John Merredew aged 36 buried St John the Baptist, Croydon, SRY
1822 Henry Merridew Cross Cheaping Ward Printer/bookseller & stationer - Coventry Record Office Freeman's Index
1827 William Meredew, Clewer, BKM - PCC
1828 Elizabeth Meredew, Isleworth, MDX - LND Consistory Court

Sources - City of London Apprenticeships Year range: 1442 to 1850, wills and Parish Registers.

Name frequency


Distribution of the name

The name Merredew occurs in:- Bedfordshire (BDF), Berkshire (BRK), Buckinghamshire (BKM), Cambridgeshire (CAM) Hampshire (HAM), Leicestershire (LEI), London/Middlesex (LND/MDX), Suffolk (SFK), Surrey (SRY), Warwickshire (WAR), Wiltshire (WIL).
Merriden in Shropshire (SAL), Staffordshire (STS) Herefordshire (HEF) & Hertfordshire (HRT])


I have the following data:-
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Wills pre 1858 many references and some copies, one of the earliest is 1474 a PCC will of a John Merydewe of Wisbech, CAM these are now in the Guild Archive
Wills post 1858 an index to 1950 and administrations these are in the Guild Archive.

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