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About the study

I have been researching the McGeorge/Macgeorge name for over 30 years as this was my mothers line.

While researching this family I found that it was helpful to record all instances of the McGeorge/ MacGeorge name. I have put my findings into an Access database and also Legacy genealogy program

From this information I have been able to compile large family trees with the hope that one day I will be able to link them all together. I have given each large family a family number to help keep track of them

I have found that most McGeorge families worldwide originated from the Dumfries and Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland.

I would love to share my McGeorge information with you.

Variant names

McGeorge, Macgeorge. McJore, McJoar

Name origin

Extract from the 'Scottish Nation',
or the Historical and genealogical account of all Scottish families and surnames'
James MacVeigh, Dumfries, Scotland 1891

MacGeorge, originally Mac Jore, the surname of an old family which, from an early period was settled in Galloway. Towards the middle of the 17th century they had became divided into several branches - all land proprietors and all in the same district, chiefly in the parish of Urr.

There were branches of several distinguished Irish families settled in Galloway, such as the clan Carthy (called in that district as Macartney) and others: and the late Mr Brydson, the author of an excellent work on Heraldry, is of the opinion that the family Macgeorge is descended from the ancient Irish clan Mac Yoris, which had settled, he says, at an early period, in Galloway, and which in the time of Henry 11, was reckoned among the great families of Ireland. This is confirmed by the manner in which the name at and early period was pronounced and spelt in Galloway.

Name frequency

The McGeorge name is quite unusual. In England there were approximately

1871 228 people
1881 280 people Scotland 323
1891 369 people
1901 315 people

USA: 1880 500 people

Distribution of the name

From the beginnings of the McGeorge name in about 1600 in Scotland it has spread in the 1800s mostly to the counties of Lancashire and London. It is now found in USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand


Census: England: 1871-1901 plus some previous years. Dumfries and Kirkcudbrightshire 1841-1901 plus some other counties

BDMs indexes for England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand

Wills: indexes for England and Scotland. I also have quite a few wills

Parish registers for England and Scotland

Cemetery headstones (MIs) for various places

USA: 1880 census, plus some others.