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About the study

This study contains about 4500 MALLINDER individuals and my connection with them is through my Mother's maiden name. The data is held in an Excel spreadsheet.

Variant names


Name origin

Thoguht to be Norman French and the name can be found in the region bordering on the Bay of Biscay

Distribution of the name

There are a significant number of MALLINDER persons in New Zealand, all related to my mother and a fewer number in Australia. Elizabeth SHORT in Wellington NZ is my collaborator on this branch of the family. Killamarsh in Derbyshire shows the greatest concentration in this country although all my lot are London based.


The data is organised around a Family Group Number (FGN) which is allocated to the head of a family. Whist his/her children remain unmarried they keep this number. I am s0022 and as neither of my sons are married they are held in that group too. Both my daughters have married and their numbers are s0784 and s0785. Parents also hold their children's FGN number and children retain the FGN of their parent. In this way it is easy to track families backwards and forwards one generation at a time. That is if the appropriate data is held of course. More information is availbale from me.