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About the study

I have been lucky enough to inherit a large amount of data and have added to it over the years, and shall continue to do so. Hopefully I will now act as a co-ordinator in this study collecting Data myself and from enquirers and putting them in touch with others researching the same branch.

There are a variety of spellings as it is pronounced not with a short a€ as in apple but with a long a€ as in hall. Thus if spelt phonetically it can be Maulbon, Morlbon, Malborn, Malbourne etc.


Variant names


Historical occurrences of the name

We have three Barons Malbank in Nantwich, Cheshire, who were under tenants to the Earl of Chester.

Also a William Malbon, groom of the Bedchamber, fought at Agincourt under Henry V..

Name frequency


Distribution of the name

The family is concentrated mainly in Cheshire and Staffordshire.

They drifted across Cheshire from Nantwich to Congleton where Thomas Malbon, a Felt maker by trade, became Mayor 3 times. From Congleton one of Thomas Malbon'€™s sons came to the Staffordshire Moorlands and his descendants went into Cheadle, Staffordshire, and others into Derbyshire and Nottingham. From Cheadle some went into Stoke on Trent.


The Malbons are descended, (via a younger son of the 2nd Baron), from the Barons of Wich Malbank (Nantwich, Cheshire) the first of whom came over in 1080AD. The Barons were the owners of large swathes of land according to the Domesday Book.

A lot of the earliest history has been taken from Walter Draycot'€™s Family history, a copy of which is deposited at the William Salt Library in Stafford. Nicholas Draycot was originally Nicholas Malbank who was given the Manor of Draycott (Le Moors) by his Cousin when the 3rd Baron died leaving only daughters and the estate was split between them. These Papers indicate two earlier generations - Alfred Malbedenc a justiciar and counsellor, son of another Alfred styled `Monachus', received the sobriquet `Malbedenc' at the German court in Aachen through the length of time he took to give a decision. At Trier, where he had an estate, he acted as advisor to Archbishop Poppo for the restoration of the Cathedral there.

After several generations the Malbons must have decided that it was too dangerous to be too involved in National affairs and became resigned to just managing their own land and affairs.

Between several researchers we have accumulated a large amount of Data, which we have put together, but are still collecting as we come upon small branches which had escaped our notice.

Other snippets become available as more and more books such as Patent Rolls are published on the internet etc. showing their involvement in national and local affairs.

A large amount of the Data related to the Malbon Family has been published (2005) in the book "€œMalbons Eight hundred years of Family History"€ by Barbara Lynch, available from


In 2017 I had a DNA test with LivingDNA which included an autosomal and Mitochondrial test. (Y DNA test only available to men) This confirms the findings in my file. I am 100% UK with 33% from the region including Staffordshire and 35% from the region including Cheshire and 13% from south Wales the remainder being spread across the southern half of England according to my maternal ancestors.  I have uploaded the results to Gedmatch which is a free webpage and takes results from other companies.