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About the study

The Maishman One-Name study was developed from research into my own family. Having gathered much data over 35 years, it was apparent that I had to consider alternative spellings. The names were registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies in 2003.

Variant names

The registered variants are Maishment, Mashman, Marchment and Marchmont.

Name origin

Possible derivation of the name MAISHMAN - in German maischen means 'to mash', so a person who does so would be called maischmann. (There are people with the name MAISCHMANN in Germany today). When people with this name came to England their name would have been anglicised to MASHMAN, whereas those going to America (such as the Pennsylvania Deutsch) would have retained the spelling MAISCHMANN. It would seem that some preferred the spelling MAISHMAN, which was nearer the original German, whereas others changed to MAISHMENT, MARCHMAN, MARCHMENT or similar.

Name frequency

There are approximately 150 Maishmans and 200 Mashmans alive today.

Distribution of the name

Today Maishmans are mainly in the south of England, Australia, USA and South Africa.