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About the study

The Mackleston one name study commenced in 1985. My father was coming up to retirement and was asked by his family if there were any ambitions he had which were as yet unfulfilled. He had two, one was to visit the pyramids as he had always been interested in Egyptology, the second was to investigate the family rumour that our ancestors were once rich landowners in Shropshire. The one name study started to develop at this point, a very rare and easy name to research.

Variant names

This name is derived from Muckleston and ancestors also have the names Mucklestone where other family names include Muckelston and Mucclestone.

Name origin

Original name de Mucclestone changed to Muckleston and then became Mackleston. The earliest members of this family were Lord's of the Manor of Mucclestone (now Mucklestone) on the Staffordshire / Shropshire border.

Historical occurrences of the name

Two brothers Arthur Preece Muckleston (b. 1871) and Russell Muckleston (b. 1864) left Shrewsbury circa 1889 and both changed their name from Muckleston to Mackleston. Arthur settled and married in Manchester recording his father as deceased on his marriage certificate despite him still being alive. Russell settled in Liverpool and also married. Sibling Elizabeth also married in 1890 in Liverpool but under her birth surname of Muckleston. All three surviving siblings obviously felt some need to move away from home. Their father died in 1895 at the age of 75.

Name frequency

So far only 61 people have been born with the surname of Mackleston, 2 people adopted this surname (Russell and Arthur) and one child was adopted and took this surname as a result.

Distribution of the name

A branch of the family can be found in Canada other wise the family resides in the UK mainly around the Manchester and North Staffordshire areas.


Fully connected family tree exists for all persons of this name.


In 2017 we set up a DNA website for this project at FamilyTreeDNA. The web address is