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About the study

Welcome to the MABBITT ONS.  I have been constructing my family tree for a number of years, but more recently have been fascinated by the prospect of engaging in a One Name Study.  Last year, in 2016, I completed the ‘Introduction to One-Name Studies’ online course.  I am currently in the data collection phase of my study. .  I would love to hear from anybody with the name MABBITT in their family.  Either to assist me in my study or for me to assist you in yours.

Variant names

I am initially studying my own surname MABBITT.  During my study I have encountered the following variants of my name:  MABBETT, MABBOTT, MABBUTT, MABITT, MABBIT and MABBET

Name origin

Origin:  Professional historians have surveyed Anglo Saxon Chronicles where the name MABBITT appeared.  The first record of the MABBITT surname was in Yorkshire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor.  Saxon surnames survived and the family name was first referenced in the year 1379 when Mabota Ryder held estates in Yorkshire. 

Meaning:  English: From a pet form of the medieval personal name Mab(be), a short form of Middle English or Old French Amabel (from Latin Amabilis ‘lovable’).  This has survived into the 20th century as a personal name in the short form Mabel.

Name frequency

According to the name MABBITT is ranked 19377 with a count of 232.  And from the website for the USA the ranking is 55376 with a count of 347.  Therefore as the surname is not very common my study should be quite manageable.

Using the UK census records the counts for the name MABBITT were:  1841 – 39, 1851 – 35, 1861 – 37, 1871 – 89, 1881 – 64, 1891 – 129, 1901 – 133 and 1911 – 277.

Distribution of the name

Within the UK the surname MABBITT can be found predominately in Hertfordshire and London.  The name is also spread widely across the UK, mainly in England.  There are a number of MABBITT’s to be found in Glamorganshire, South Wales.

However, there are more occurrences of the name MABBITT in the USA than in the UK.  The USA states of Indiana, Ohio, California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Iowa appear to be the areas where the name can be most frequently found. 

I have also found some MABBITT’s in Australia.


I have collected all of the required date from the FREEBMD website, and the UK censuses from 1841 to 1911. I am currently collecting all references of the name MABBITT from the worldwide collection on the Ancestry website. 

To date I have approximately 850 occurrences of the name MABBITT in the Births, and the Marriages, lists on my spreadsheet.  I am part way through the Death lists and have 500 occurrences of the name so far. 

Some of the female MABBITT’s in the Death listing are listed as their married surname.  I.e did not have the surname MABBITT at birth.  Hopefully once I get to the family group reconstruction stage of my study, their birth name may be established. 

My data collection is clearly ‘work in progress’, with many more datasets to review.