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About the study

The Lusty One-Name study formally began in 2011 but is a continuation of my own Family History research. All research so far has led back to Kings Stanley, a village near Stroud in Gloucestershire. Others who have contacted me agree that all Lustys seem to be very distantly related or to come from the same root. I hope eventually to see if this is true.

Variant names

Surname websites and books often link it to Lustig, Losty, Lasty etc. The only archaic variations which appear in Parish Records for Kings Stanley of the 17th century are Lustie and Lustye, which are deviant spellings by different curates and incumbents. At the moment, there is no reason to link the current spelling of Lusty to any other name or spelling.

Name origin

A descriptive or nickname which means, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, healthy or strong. The current, fashionable meaning of lustful was not used in the past. lists Lusty as being of German or Central / Eastern European Jewish descent and a variation of Lustig. Also that an Irish family called O'Coiste moved to Gloucestershire in the 16th century and the name is a variant of that. There is a mention, however, in a Subsidy Roll of 1327 (Glos Archives) of a Lusty in Stonehouse, Glos, which thwarts these theories. It is noticeable that the name Lusty has been spelled in the same way since at least the early 16th century, and yet is not in any surname dictionary.

Historical occurrences of the name

There are several Lustys who have achieved success:

  • Sir Robert Frith Lusty (born as just Robert Lusty) 1909-1991, see Wikipedia
  • John Lusty, soup manufacturer
  • Lusty's Lloyd Loom furniture
  • LustyBlundell marine systems in New Zealand
  • Archibald Henry Lusty, composer, Born 1895

Name frequency

Data from shows the number of Lustys in the UK census returns as follows:

1841: 321
1851: 355
1861: 372
1871: 444
1881: 574
1891: 576
1901: 570
1911: 703

The actual numbers are not great, but the rise from 372 to 574 people between the 1861 and 1881 censuses is an increase of nearly 55%. The rise increase from 570 people in 1901 to 703 in 1911 is an increase of nearly 23% in only ten years! gives the number of Lustys in July 2011 as 577. This gives a frequency of 13 people per 1 million or 0.001% of the population.

Lusty is the 8033rd most common surname in England and Wales.

Distribution of the name

(All data from

Although the numbers of Lustys within the population of England and Wales rose during the nineteenth century, the numbers living in Gloucestershire as a whole and the Stroud area in particular stayed remarkable level. The Lusty population of London and Middlesex increased from 13 in 1841 to 105 in 1911. Other counties with higher populations of Lustys are those near Gloucestershire or easy to travel to by train eg Somerset, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Wiltshire.

In Gloucestershire the number of Lustys in the 1841 census was 262. This dipped to 203 in 1861, rose to 315 in 1881, but was only 300 in 1911.

In the Stroud area 186 people named Lusty were recorded in 1841 but only 105 in 1861. The numbers jumped to 176 in 1881 but remain constant in censuses of 1891, 1901 and 1911 at 160, 164 and 162 respectively.

Lustys are recorded in other parts of the country in very small numbers. Many show their birthplace to be Gloucestershire or even give Kings Stanley.


Data so far gathered is available on websites given above and from Parish Registers on microfiche at Gloucester Archives, Alvin Street, Gloucester.

Gloucestershire Family History Society centre, also at Alvin Street, Gloucester has a wealth of resources and publications, and a website at

Sir Robert Frith Lusty wrote a book 'Bound to be Read' which deals mainly with his life as a publisher (at Hutchinsons and Michael Joseph). He gives very little information about his family or early life.

Using BMD records, census returns and other data I am attempting to construct family trees. I am amassing Parish Records data from before 1837 - as far back as I can read the writing.

Please feel free to contact me for any information. I will be happy to share. If you can add to the GOONs Lusty Archive, or have a comment on the information placed there, please let me know. Even the smallest details are welcome.

Thank you in advance for your interest.