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About the study

I first began tracing my own family line about ten years ago. After a few years, I found I had hit a brick wall around the 1660s, and could find no way around it. At this point, I began to construct other Lomax family trees, to the point where I now have over 50 discrete, fully sourced family lines. It seemed a natural progression from this to a One Name Study. I plan to continue collecting Lomax occurrences with the lofty aspiration of one day being able to connect many of the lines to a common ancestor or family. The ultimate goal I have is to publish my findings, thus giving those that follow me a head start in their endeavours.

Although the name is now found across the world, by far the highest occurrence is in south-east Lancashire, in England. There are competing theories as to it's origin, and this is something I intend to explore as part of my study.

The name Lomax has a variant in Lomas. Almost all of the early Lomas trees began with a Lomax. For a reason which I will try to discover, the Lomas name is now more common than that of Lomax. In 1998, per one million of population in the UK, there were 180 Lomas occurrences to 126 Lomax. For this reason, I feel that the name Lomas warrants it's own One Name Study, and wilI will not actively pursue the name as part of the Lomax ONS.