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About the study

The Linthicum One Name Study is a new venture as of early 2017. The study is an extension of ongoing research of my own Linthicum ancestors which has expanded to include all nature of Linthicum “cousins” that I can identify using public records and from personal contact.   Although this is not proven beyond any doubt, a very high percentage of the families with the name Linthicum (and the variants – as found in my research in the US) can be traced back to a single immigrant Thomas Linscomb as discussed below. If there were other immigrants, which is possible as all families found in later years have not been linked to Thomas with substantial evidence, these other immigrants have not been identified. My hope is that the study will benefit the research of others and with extended outreach, will expand to include many more Linthicum (and variant) families from throughout the world.


Variant names

First, I had to acquaint myself with the concept of variants vs. deviants.  The first conclusion that I have to reach is that LINTHICUM is indeed a variant of Linscomb as it was first written on this continent recording the arrival of my immigrant ancestor, Thomas Linscomb.  One key study of the Linthicum family from the late 1930’s listed over 30 “spellings” of the name from old records; of course, many of these were deviant spellings. The Linthicum study was registered with these variants Linscomb, Lincicome, Lintecum, Lynthecum although from my research I know there are more, many of which will be included in the data set for our study. My reasoning for picking the names above is obvious for Linthicum; additionally, I’ve shared much information with Linscomb, Lincicome and Lintecum researchers and I also hope and feel that Linscomb may connect the study appropriately with British families who can help lead us to the ancestral home of Thomas Linscomb.

Name origin

As first written on the North American continent, Thomas Linscomb appears on land patent records for the Maryland Colony has having been “transported” by a Captain Edward Selby prior to (by assumption) the date of the record which was 22 July 1658. From this point to this date, there has been much study, conjecture and web lore but no definitive homeland or source of the name as it has morphed from its origin to the most used form (Linthicum) in the US is known.   Another reason for the study: answers!

Historical occurrences of the name

We can have some fun here at some later date.  For now, let's just throw out the name of the Honorable John Charles Linthicum who represented the State of Maryland in the US House of Representatives in the 1930's.  He is known to have introduced the legislation to make "The Star Spangled Banner" our National Anthem and, although it is written that he was a "teetotaler", he introduced legislation to repeal the failed experiment of Prohibition.  In my opinion, the prominence of John Charles Linthicum and other direct descendants of the immigrant Thomas Linscomb who established the communities of Linthicum and Linthicum Heights in Anne Arundel Co., MD adjacent to Baltimore and Washington DC, lead to a spate of published Linthicum family studies in the late 1930's which provide a basic platform  for research of the family in the US.

A modern day association, which often comes up after you have pronounced and spelled your name a couple of times for someone is Tim Lincecum, the 2X Cy Young Award winning pitcher along with 3X World Series Championship Teams.  This is more baseball talk than I've ever written in my life but my hurried look at Tim's paternal ancestry takes me back only 2 generations but many other Lincecums I have investigated do not seem to connect with the Linthicum/Linscomb Maryland and Virginia families.  A good project for someday.

Name frequency

Coming soon!

Distribution of the name

Coming Soon, too!


In the course of researching my Linthicum family, I have a couple of critical family links that I have not been able to document as thoroughly as I would like.  I’m sure there are many other brick wall stories, even with a name like ours, not every fact we need to know is there waiting on the Internet and maybe not even in the darkest, dustiest corner of the archives. Then, of course, there is the question that serious family historians have been working on for the last 100 years or so, “Just where did the ancestors of our young Thomas Linscomb live in the few hundred years before he came to Maryland (possibly by way of Wales)?”  I also see and have corresponded with researchers working on their families with names very similar to Linthicum and research that points them to possible Linthicum connections but the necessary documentation to make a firm connection just can’t be found. Are these folks“cousins” or are there other bloodlines with similar names?

I saw a need for a Linthicum surname DNA project and none existed.  This project, can provide data to supplement and direct our research to help answer these questions.  Follow this link to the Linthicum FTDNA Surname Project.


See my web pages associated with this study: Linthicum Families Through The Years