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About the study

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Lin(n)ington One-Name Study

About the study

            This study was started by Mrs. June Morley.  While holidaying in Devon in the 1980s she noticed there were Linnington memorials in St. Disen’s Church, Bradninch.  Being a Linnington descendant, June spent another holiday in the Exeter Records Office recording every mention of the Linnington name.  June registered the study in 1990  and over the years has assisted many Linnington descendants with their research. June has now “retired” from the study. In December 2015 it was re-registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies and her card records are currently being digitized and will eventually be available on this site.

Variant names

            The registered variants of the name are Linington and Linnington. In the 1881 census there were three Siningtons and as they occur on the Isle of Wight it is presumed these should be Liningtons. Likewise there are two Lyningtons listed in Hampshire that are probably Liningtons. Other variants are Lenington and Lennington and maybe even Lillington, 

Name Origin

            Linington is a locational name. “Ton” refers to settlement/town. 

History of the name

Name frequency

            The Surname Atlas published by Archer Software shows the historical distributions of all the surnames found in the 1881 census of England, Scotland and Wales. There were only 138 Liningtons and 120 Linningtons.

Distribution of the name

            In the 1881 census the most populous county for both the Linington/Linnington surname is the Isle of Wight. The Linington surname was found in descending order in Sussex. Hampshire & Dorset, Devon and least in Cornwall, Surrey and Kent. The Linnington surname was found in Dorset, Hampshire & Middlesex, Devon & Brecon, and least in Sussex, Kent, Somerset, Hertfordshire, Lancashire, Pembroke and Lincolnshire.

            In the 2014 Surname Distribution supplied by South Africa is listed with 530 occurrences followed by England with 307, USA 168, Canada 105, Scotland 26, Australia 13, New Zealand 7, and 1 each in Wales, Singapore and Italy.


            The earliest record found at time of writing is the marriage of Henry Lynington to Alys Folyet on 23 Jan 1541 at St. James, Poole, Dorset, England


            Haplogroup     R1b1a2                        R-M269

            Oxford equivalent       M343



            Mary Gleadall