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About the study

I started work on my husband's family tree (Lingwood) in 1995.  To solve some of the queries and mysteries the original family tree developed lots of unrelated branches and in essence was the start of an informal one name study. I joined the Guild of One Name Studies in 2009 to progress this in a more organised manner!

Through the Lingwood surname study I aim to research all the occurrences of the name and its variants world-wide. Whilst I have gathered lots of information over the years I have always been anxious about committing this to paper, or a website, knowing that there were still many gaps in the information.  But as many others have said - a one name project will never be 100% completed!  

So there is now a website for the Lingwood one name study, for information see links at the bottom of this page.  Here you will find more detailed information, analysis, facts and histories. I hope you find the information useful and interesting and if you have any queries please get in touch.



Variant names

The study focusses on the Lingwood name and the variants Lingwoode, Lyngwood and Lyngwoode.

I have been looking at the relationship between the Lingwood and Linwood surnames.  Clearly there are a number of instances where a family's name has changed from one to the other in the past. Errors have been made in the spelling of the name when births, deaths and marriages were registered or when parish records were made.  The Linwood surname is found in different parts of the country to Lingwood so currently I am assuming that Linwood is not a variant of Lingwood.

Name origin

The name Lingwood is a local surname deriving from a place name (a locative or toponymic name).  Locational surnames are usually 'from' names, in other words the names given to people after they left their original homes. When they left they took or were given as their surname, the name of the place from where they came. In this case this relates to the village of Lingwood which is located about 8 miles east of Norwich, Norfolk where parts of the local church St Peter’s were established in the fourteenth century.

The name Lingwood means the wood of lime trees and interestingly this same definition applies to the surname Linwood.  This is also a surname deriving from a place name but relates to places called Linwood in Hampshire, Lincolnshire and  near Paisley in Scotland.


Distribution of the name

The study aims to research the origin and global distribution of the Lingwood surname and variants. Currently most of the information has been gathered for the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada and Australia.

In the UK the pattern of the Linwood name distribution has changed over time. Using the 1881 census the largest number of people with the Lingwood surname could be found in Norfolk, followed by the counties of Suffolk and Middlesex. At this point the surname was not very dispersed and it was only as people moved away for employment to places like London that the pattern changed. The majority of Lingwoods living in Norfolk were agricultural labourers so with the mechanisation of farming and the consequential reduction in the need for agricultural labourers in traditional farming areas the population dispersed.

My analysis of living Lingwood's shows a distribution for the name Lingwood across practically the whole of England, but in some counties there are very small numbers, with only a smattering of individuals in 3 Welsh counties. The highest numbers are found in Yorkshire and Norfolk followed by Essex, Surrey and Lancashire. In terms of living people with Lingwood variant names there are none.


A variety of data sources have been used for this one name study, detail can be found on the website, these include:

England & Wales - Registered births, marriages and deaths. Parish baptism, marriage and burial records. Census records for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911, as well as the 1939 Register.

Scotland -


USA - 


Australia - 

In addition information from newspapers, schools, universities, professions, trade union and military records has been included.


Also wills and probate detail.



Currently I am not undertaking any DNA studies.