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About the study

I started the one-name study in the late 1990s for one main reason; the name seems to by dying out in the line I married into, due to very few males to take the name on. This one-name study consists of three names Linge, Lynge and Lingo, 90% of the information I have so for is for the Linge name. I have made contact with both living Linge’s and people researching the Linge variants from around the world. But I am always looking for new contacts to share or receive any information from, to add the database I have.

Variant names

There is three main variants that I am looking into at the moment, Linge, Lynge which seems to go together hand in hand depend on the year and who might be writing the name. Lingo is the other name that has cropped up and I started to record them just in case the spelling was wrong, but it looks like the name stands by itself but I will carry on with the research.

Name origin

I do not know the true origin of the Linge name at the moment, but I have found references to the Linge name.

  • Linge name is listed as purple heather in East Anglia.
  • The Norwegian resistance was called Linger and run by a Martin Linge.
  • There is two small towns called Linge, one in Norfolk, England and one in Norway
  • In France linen is spelt Linge
  • The name could come for Prussia but it is not proved There is a river in Holland called Linge

So any one of these could be the origin of the name, which makes the research more interesting.

Name frequency

The Linge name appears in the UK censuses, that I have found so far. 1901 = 322. 1891 = 212. 1881 = 135. 1871 = 117. 1861 = 99. 1851 = 117. 1841 = 10

Distribution of the name

The general distribution of Linge name in England shows small pockets all over the country but the main group seems to be in East Anglia and London with two quite large groups in the north of England, one around Liverpool and one in and around Sunderland, and another group in Somerset. There is also a large group in America of both Linge and Lingo.


I have collected a lot of data, which includes the births, marriages and Deaths from 1837 to 2000, and a lot of this was collected and supplied by Ken and Pam Linge from Northumberland, with great thanks. I also have listing of other indexes like the IGI and various Vital Records Index entries as a growing number of parish registers entries.