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About the study

The One Name Study I am undertaking came about whilst researching my own paternal family. Whilst carrying out the research I found myself getting more and more interested in groups of Leemings even though they were not directly connected with mine. I have also found interest in assisting others researching the name. I then discovered the Guild of One Name Studies and registered my research with it thus formalising the 'Leeming One Name Study'.

Variant names

The registered variants of the name are:- Leeming, Leaming, Leming, Leemin and Lemynge The last is an old spelling of the name and I have yet to find it in current use. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who believes that they might have another variant.

Name origin

In my studies I have read a theory that Leeming was a Viking name and a family settled at Leeming in Yorkshire and gave its name to the place. This is a lovely theory which I have not tried to prove. The Leeming name is more probably taken from a place of that name. There are two places in Yorkshire called Leeming, one near Bedale and the other near Keighley. I think it is most likely that the former is the place of origin of the name as there was a 'Leeming Manor' in Burneston. The present day Leeming used to be in Burneston parish before is became a parish in its own right. Perhaps the Leeming Manor Leemings were of Viking descent!

Name frequency

In the 1881 British census is a good source of finding the frequency of a name. In it there are 2050 occurrences of Leeming and variants. This does not make it a rare name but on the other hand it cannot said to be common.

Distribution of the name

The 1881 census also shows that the name is centered on the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire with perhaps the former having the greater share. There are distinctly lesser numbers in surrounding counties. Leemings also emigrated to the 'New World' - USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


I hold significant data with regard to Leeming events. I am currently trawling through English parish registers to pick up events not included in the Mormon International Genalogical Index (IGI). I am willing to share my findings with Leeming researchers and always welcome any data available.



Tony Leeming
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