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About the study

The Lee (also Lea / Leigh) DNA research project is seeking additional Lee male participants interested in using Y-DNA testing as a tool in their genealogy research on Lee lines in North America and Europe.

The Lee surname projects began in 2003 with two groups trying to clarify relations between three Lee families in Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina, US which had migrated from Wales, Leicestershire and Staffordshire. Thanks to early success through the Y-DNA testing and a number of involved and generous Lee researchers, this Project now has at least 70 different Lee lines made up of more than 500 individuals. The research team is represented by the Henry Lee Society and is a member of the Guild of One Name Studies. The Project collaborates with other Lee DNA studies around the world in an effort to locate as many matches as possible for its members.

The surname project is open to any Lee / Leigh / Lea researchers wishing to submit a male relative for testing, and use these test results as a tool for genealogy research.  The goal of this test group is to gather as many known Lee lines as possible and assist each other with traditional Lee research and DNA results as a tool to both identify and exclude lines for further study.

To ensure the best set of data for the collective research efforts, we now require that any interested party wishing to join the project first submit their male (Paternal) Lee lineage (family tree) via email directly to David Lee at, which should include the lineage from the test participant back to the most distant known (proven) ancestor, complete with all known birth / death dates & locations and spouse information.  Your personal information will NOT be shared with the general public or Project membership.  We will use this information to connect you to your genetic cousins and kinship group via email, and also display your YDNA results and abbreviated paternal line on the project’s public web site. You may choose to make your contact information "Public" on your testing account.

All testing is performed by FTDNA, however there are options to transfer your test results from other testing organizations to FTDNA. The higher the testing level, the better, however the Y-37 test is the minimum. Y-67 is recommended. It is recommended that you discuss your goals with the Project co-administrators (David or Dennis Lee) prior to ordering Y-111 or Big Y tests.

There is Guild Group Discount pricing through the project, except when FTDNA is offering testing at discounted prices.

The Group or its administrators do no receive any financial benefit through the ordering of tests.

Funding for this Study and the website is from the administrators and the Henry Lee Society for the benefit of the members.

We hope you’ll join our research project as we seek to identify Lee lines from Ireland, the U.K., the U.S. and all parts in between.

Please contact project co-administrators, David Lee ( with your paternal Lee line and testing advice and Dennis Lee ( with general questions.

Variant names

Lee, Leigh, Lea, Lay