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About the study

The Leather Family History Society collates and disseminates information on the many Leather families worldwide. It produces a quarterly journal, Leather Lines.

Variant names

Lether, Letther, Leether, Leathers

Name origin

The name Leather originated from the Cheshire/Lancashire border (probably near Winwick).

Historical occurrences of the name

Possibly the most widely known Leather is the late Sir Ted Leather, who had particular connections with England, Canada and Bermuda, however the 'Yorkshire' Leathers were famous civil engineers and many of their bridges and other civil engineering works remain in place.

Name frequency

There were about 3000 entries for the name Leather in the 1881 census.

Distribution of the name

Large numbers of Leather are still found in Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire, though of course there are Leathers all over the world.


The Leather Family History Society holds many records of births, deaths, marriages and wills, together with a number of certificates, and continues to collect census data and other documents.